BCS Release Update…….

We are just a few days away from the release of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. Many of our customers have already purchased tickets to our sold out tasting event/bottle release that is happening from 4-5:00 p.m. this Friday, 11/28.


At 5:00 p.m., any remaining bottles of BCS will be available to the public. We are allowing the general public to being lining up for the bottles at 4:30 p.m. with no exceptions.  Here are a few extra tidbits to remember for this Friday:

  • PLEASE do not show up anytime before 4:30 and attempt to wait for BCS.  At 5:00, we will have bottles and draft available for customers who did not get a chance to purchase tickets for the earlier session.
  • Any special release beers that are currently being held for customers (Abraxas, barrel-aged Narwahl, etc) will be released at 5:00 this Friday, 11/28. 
  • From 5:00-7:00 p.m. there will be an open tasting of Goose Island Beers with 5oz pours of BCS available for $5 or until the keg is tapped.

As always, please don’t hesitate to call or email us with any questions.

Woodford Cancellation.

We apologize for the last minute notice, but unfortunately we will not be having Woodford Reserve Master Marianne Barnes at Lukas tonight.  Her plane has been delayed due to weather and won’t arrive until later tonight in St. Louis.


Thank you for your understanding.

-Lukas Liquor Management

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2014 Edition – SOLD OUT


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New Limited Release at Lukas Liquor Superstore

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2014 Edition


America’s First Bottled Bourbon

 For more than 140 years, Old Forester has been crafted using the time-honored methods established by George Garvin Brown, the founder of Louisville-based Brown-Forman and Old Forester, America’s First Bottled Bourbon. To commemorate Mr. Brown’s September 2nd birthday, Old Forester annually releases an expression of its highly-acclaimed bourbon and this year marks the 12th limited edition release.

George Garvin Brown

The 2014 edition is the 13th limited edition; it was selected from a single day of production and is vintage-dated. Bottled at 97 proof, the Birthday Bourbon is now available for bourbon connoisseur’s just in time for the holiday season.

 “Old Forester is the only bourbon still in existence today that was produced before, during and after Prohibition by its original distiller,” said Chris Morris, Brown-Forman master distiller.

 “This year’s selection evokes a creamy, soft vanilla bean character, with flavors of cinnamon spice, maple syrup and citrus,” Morris said. “The complex flavor and warm finish with just a hint of sweetness make this year’s batch a must-have release.”

 Since its introduction in 2002, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon has received unprecedented acclaim and has collected honors from USA Today, Malt Advocate, Whisky Magazine, Spirit Journal, Ultimate Spirits Challenge, Wine Enthusiast, and Santé. A favorite among critics, Old Forester Birthday Bourbons have taken home gold from numerous tasting competitions including “BEST BOURBON, Double Gold Medal” in the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition as well as “Gold” medals in the 2005, 2006 & 2007 competitions. The 2012 expression received a 95 rating and was given the “Ultimate Recommendation” in the 2013 Ultimate Spirits Challenge. The 2007 expression was also named American Whiskey of the Year at Malt Advocate WhiskyFest New York.

The Whiskey

Barreled 2002

Bottled 2014

Aged/Matured 12 Years

48.5% ABV (97 Proof)


2014 Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Tasting Notes

Nose: Creamy, soft vanilla bean, cinnamon spice and maple syrup, with a touch of candied orange peel.

Aroma: Rich and elegant, with sweet notes of caramelized orange peel, honeysuckle, vanilla, marzipan and toasted marshmallow oak

Taste: Slightly drying at the start, opens into a sweet, creamy, oak led, complex flavor, with a caramelized citrus note.

Finish:  Warming on the palate with a yeasty, cake-like mouth feel.


First come, first serve, in-store only release

No reservations of any kind allowed (Phone or Email)

Limit one bottle per person, per day (until product is completely sold out)



-Adam M England

Lukas Spirits Manager


Lukas Liquor Superstore, St. Louis’ first REAL liquor store.

Rare Beer Release 11/21


Plenty of rare goodies today. Limit one bottle each. No reservations. See cashier to purchase.

Tilquin Gueuze Squared
This is a higher abv version of the Oude Gueuze Tilquin containing the blend of 1, 2 and 3 year old lambics in oak barrels. Due to over-carbonation, the beer underwent a second barrel aging process before being bottled a second time.

Tilquin Quetsche
The Quetsche Tilquin à l’ancienne (6.4% alc / vol) is a spontaneous fermentation beer obtained from the fermentation of destoned fresh purple plums (variety Prune de Namur or Quetsche véritable d’Alsace, close to the Damson) in a blend of 1 and 2 years old lambics for a period of 4 months. Unfiltered and unpasteurized, it is re-fermented in the bottle for a minimum period of 3 months. The lambics used were fermented and matured in our own oak barrels at the blendery. They are made from worts brewed by Boon, Lindemans, Girardin and Cantillon.
The taste is slightly tart but also fruity and round which makes this Quetsche à l’ancienne may be more accessible for non-experts or less sophisticated palates. It also has a slight dryness from the skin of the plums. The nose perceives a plum brandy perfume.

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break Natale Pretty Please with a Cherry on Top
The Holidays brings out the best in some people. However if the Holidays also is a tough one for you, this beer will definitely sweeten dark times of endless caroling and difficult domestic obligations. Did Imperial Biscotti Break also make your sugar levels rise and the bitter sweet flavors of coffee, almonds and chocolate very sentimental – this one has a sour cherry on top. Forza Imperiale.

Evil Twin Sour Bikini
Named after atom bomb test grounds, designed by a French car engineer – the bikini was to many a disturbing and degrading creation and fortunately for others a symbol of emancipation. This is attractively light bodied, seductively well balanced and very drinkable Sour Bikini is anything but a sissy beer.

Sierra Nevada Barrel Aged Narwhal
Barrel-Aged Narwhal is our deliciously dark Imperial Stout aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Barrel aging is a strange science; it mellows some characteristics of the original beer while intensifying others. Narwhal’s aggressive roastiness has calmed, but the rich, chocolate-like malt backbone is brought to the fore. Black as midnight, this intense stout is complex with notes of cocoa and espresso balanced with hints of vanilla and toasted coconut from the oak casks. Nearly as rare as it’s nautical namesake, try Barrel-Aged Narwhal while you can because like the creature itself, it will soon dive into the depths and leave nary a trace behind.

Against the Grain Tall Tale
We were honored when our pal Brian ‘Stillwater’ Strumke asked us if we wanted to ‘remix’ one of his beers. So honored we took this all the way. After poking around in his collection of brews, we decided on Folklore. However, our remix of Folklore is loose as a goose..just like we want it. This beer is brewed as an amber ale infused with cacao and coffee, with portions aged in bourbon barrels and finally dried out with a dose of brettanomyces yeast. The resulting beer is unlike any you can imagine. Dark fruit, chocolate, and wild yeast flavors all comingle with a slightly vinious undertone…its like that time you went to the disco and saw Babe the blue ox dancing with Paul Bunyan. Get it?


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