Special Labor Day Hours

Lukas Liquor Superstore will only be open till 6:00 PM today, Monday 8/1/2014, so that we can spend time with our families and friends, just as all of you are doing today. We appreciate your business and understanding regarding these special holiday hours.

Be safe and have a great time everyone.



Lukas Liquor Management
Lukas Liquor Superstore, St. Louis’ first REAL liquor store.

New Beer: Rogue, Goose Island, Horny Goat


Rogue Farms Marionberry Braggot
We made this braggot with our own marionberries, hops, barley, and honey. Situated across from 40 acres of Rogue hops, 119 Colonies of bees were carefully kept, fed, and smoked and the honey was uncapped, extracted, filtered and finally infused into a refreshing Marionberry Braggot.

Goose Island The Muddy
Imperial stout. Amplified sweetness with licorice notes.

Horny Goat Oktoberfest
A traditional Munich-Style Oktoberfest, this malty amber lager provides a full-bodied and smooth taste. German Noble hops take a backseat in this “celebration for your mouth.”

New Beer: Boulevard, Mikkeller, De Molen & Anchorage


Boulevard Hibiscus Gose
Our version of an unusual, yet resurgent, beer style. It pays tribute to the pleasantly sour, slightly salty wheat beers that originated in Goslar and became popular in Leipzig, Germany around the late 1800’s. A great introductory sour beer, Hibiscus Gose receives coriander and sea salt during boiling, then we steep dried hibiscus flowers at the end to create a vibrant pink hue (really, though, it’s pink!). The result is a tangy, sweet and sour ale with a refreshing citrus character.

Mikkeller Spontancherry Frederiksdal
Oak aged sour cherry ale.

Mikkeller Jackie Brown
Mikkellers tribute to the foul-mouthed stewardess Jackie Brown from Quentin Tarantino’s movie of the same name. It’s a roasty, chocolaty brown ale with hints of coffee and licorice. Being a Mikkeller brew the malts are inevitably complimented by a great amount of hop bitterness, aroma and flavour.
Ingredients : Water, malt (pale, munich, cara-pils, cara-crystal, brown and chocolate), flaked oats, hops (nugget, simcoe and centennial) and ale yeast.

Mikkeller Monk’s Brew
Monk’s Elixir is a heavy dark Belgian ale inspired by the Trappist monasteries of Rochefort and Westvleteren. The beer style, characterized by its high content of alcohol, distinguishes itself by its dominant yeast character, delicious malt background and balanced hop notes.

De Molen/Anchorage Mud & Funk
Gabe Fletcher (Anchorage Brewing Co.) and Menno Olivier (De Molen) met up in Bodegraven to brew what became Mud & Funk. The beer started off as an Oatmeal Imperial Stout. It was then aged in a mixture of bourbon and wine barrels and a brett culture and allowed to take its time to mature.

Tasting Schedule for 8/29 & 8/30!

Here is our Tasting Schedule for Friday, 8/29 and Saturday, 8/30:


Don’t forget to ask what our daily specials are at the Lukas Bar.  We always feature:

  • a selection of our premium Single Barrel Whiskeys
  • cold craft beer by the bottle (and soon, draft)
  • wine by the glass
  • and more…………………………….



FRIDAY 8/29 (tastings run from 5-7 p.m.)


-Jagermeister Liqueur selection.


Jagermiester Spice

-JP Wisers Whiskey selection.

CORBY DISTILLERIES LIMITED - Canadian Whiskies Receive Honours

-Captain Morgan White Rum.


SATURDAY 8/30 (tasting times will vary)

-New Amsterdam Vodka selection & Camarena Silver Tequila 1-4 p.m.


-Bulleit Bourbon 1-3 p.m.


-Dominic C. with Major Brands Wine selection.


4 Hands Barrel Aged Late Harvest Saison


Last Year our friends at 4 Hands brewed a beer called Late Harvest Saison specially for the Kansas City market. Around that time, we gave a barrel of George Dickel 9 Year Single Barrel Tennesee whiskey to our friends at The Big O to age their ginger liqueur. After that use, we gave the barrel to 4 Hands, and they aged a batch of Late Harvest Saison for us. From the label…

Barrel Aged Late Harvest Saison is a special one-off project in collaboration with Josh Eans, Linda Hezel, Holly Hayden, Lukas Liquor, and the Big O. We aged Late Harvest Saison in barrels that originally held Tennessee whiskey and then aged The Big O Ginger Liqueur. The end result is a beautiful aged saison with big ginger notes.

This bottle release is exclusive to Lukas Liquor. We’re limiting it to 4 bottles per person for the first day, and opening it to no limit starting tomorrow.

De Struise Brouwers


beers from Belgium are back!

Struise Pannepot 2013
In the early 1900s, the village of De Panne, close to the French border, was famous for two things — the ‘Pannepots,’ or fishing boats, that could be seen along the coast, and the unique dark ale enjoyed by the local fishermen. Our Old Fisherman’s Ale is a tribute to these hardy sailors and their rich, flavorful brew. Unfiltered. Unpasteurized.

Struise Pannepot Reserva 2010
Our PGR has aged for 24 months on oak barrels and has been bottled for the first time on the 27th of December 2007. The main difference with the Pannepot Reserva is that PGR matured the last ten months on Calvados oak barrels, adding extra complexity to the beer. We dedicate this beer as a tribute to Jeppe & Michael of Ølbutikken in Denmark. Those gentlemen were the first to discover our beers on an International basis back in 2004 and are responsable somehow for our beers being all over the globe since then. As a token of gratitude towards Jeppe & Michael, the first shipment of PGR was scheduled to Ølbutikken so they could be the first to launch its commercialisation.

Struise Black Albert
This Belgian Royal Stout was brewed as a tribute to one of America’s best pubs. Jennifer and Chris Lively who run the place may be proud of Ebenezer’s Pub. Not only do they have 35 beers on draught, most of these are hard to find Supreme Belgian Ales. Above that, they have one of the most extensive bottle-conditioned beer lists through different bottling dates we have ever seen. Not only can you drink almost any Belgian beer, the worlds best brewery’s are represented. A lot of the guests talk about the American Kulminator, yet with that difference that the Belgian inspired food, is simply great. Black Albert was brewed and crafted with a 100% Belgian ingredients. Pours a blacker than black beer with an inch of dark tan head that lingers as it cascades into itself. Nice aroma of bitter-sweet chocolate, fresh torrified coffee beans, barley, candy sugar, complex fruits, and floral hops. At the front, there is spiced baker’s chocolate, fresh mocha, caramel like barley touches, and underlying hints of dried fruits which marries the back of your palate and features a Top, and well integrated but not overbearing hop flavour. The after-taste is well balanced and shows a panorama of extreme sensations like chocolate and coffee bitters, a plum cake richness that covers the palate, and a crisp impression of hop bitters that brings elegance and freshness into this massive brew.

Struise Eliott Brew
Behold the second of RateBeer.com’s Worldwide Masters Series! This request edition ale is the crafted alchemy of a party of some of Europe’s finest brewers, Mikkel Bjergsø and Kristian Keller of Mikkeller (Copenhagen, Denmark) and Urbain Coutteau, Carlo Grootaert, Phil Driessens, and Peter Braem of De Struise Brouwers (Woesten-Vleteren, Belgium). Both breweries have attracted considerable international attention for their artful interpretations of traditional ale styles enlived by a rich sense of invention. And both are also very highly esteemed by the RateBeer.com international community of beer tasters. We hope you enjoy this unique little treasure.

New Beer: Perennial, Stone, 4 Hands


Perennial Peach Berliner Weiss
German-style tart wheat beer that’s perfect for the hot summer months. Using only the best Missouri peaches, we turned an easily overdone style into a refreshing and light bodied summer beer. A beautiful golden hazy color accompany the delicate fruit flavor, ending perfectly with a crisp dry finish. Tailored for a bbq or picnic, this sessionable seasonal will appeal to beer geeks and wine lovers alike.
Stone 18th Anniversary
As we compose the text for this celebratory beer‐a golden‐brown India pale ale dry-hopped exclusively and abundantly with El Dorado hops‐we stand ready to leap from the precipice of all we know into a new era for our company, our beers and, most importantly, our fans. It’s one that will see us exploring new territory, both geographically and creatively, as we evolve from pacesetters for the American craft brewing movement to cross‐planetary champions of the worldwide cause of craft, hoisting our banner to proclaim artisanal beers’ vast superiority over stripped‐down, business-driven, industrialized, fizzy, yellow mediocrity. We thank you for shadowing us for the first 18 years of our journey, and welcome you to join us for next leg and all that follows.
4 Hands CA$H MONY
CA$H MONY is an Imperial IPA brewed with a wasteful amount of the very best hops we could secure. An ample malt bill is paired with a huge dose of pungent hop flavor. citrus dominates the aroma, accentuated by notes of melon, pine and tropical fruity.

New Beer: Anchorage, Grassroots, Trois Dames


Anchorage Galaxy White IPA
Exploration and innovation have always been hallmarks of mankind. The same spirit that sent pathfinders, like Captain Cook, sailing from Britain to the shores of Australia and the rocky coastlines of Alaska animates today’s trailblazers. Wherever you find a frontier, be it the Final Frontier of our Milky Way, the Last Frontier of the Great Land, or the frontiers of scientific knowledge, there you will also find dedicated men and women, taking risks to break trail for the rest of us.
One of the new trails being blazed on the frontier of beer is the style known as White India Pale Ales. Galaxy White IPA represents a significant new landmark on that trail. With its use of fresh kumquats, Indian coriander, and black peppercorns, Galaxy pays homage to the early explorers, who sailed unknown seas in search of rare spices and exotic fruits. Captain Cook travelled from Australia to Alaska, and so have the Galaxy hops used to create this adventurous brew. Just as a true explorer never stands still, the presence of brettanomyces guarantees that Galaxy White IPA will keep evolving in the bottle for years to come. So take a step from the known into the unknown. Cross the frontier from the commonplace into the extraordinary. Be the first to gaze upon an undiscovered country and return to tell the tale to those timid souls you left behind. After all, there’s an entire Galaxy waiting to be explored…

Grassroots Arctic Saison
This ale embodies the spirit of perpetual creative collaboration in conjunction with disciplined brewing endeavor. We trekked to Alaska and helped craft this rustic Saison, bring with us the essence and imagination of our Vermont Farmstead Family. Share. Consider. Enjoy. Ale Fermented in Oak Tanks with Brettanomyces.
Trois Dames
Sour ale brewed with raspberries and aged in red wine barrels.

New Beer From Mikkeller


Mikkeller American Style
American Style is an international collaboration between the godfather of all gypsy brewers, Mikkeller, and one of the new stars of the US tenant brewing scene, Prairie Artisan Ales. Mikkel Borg Bjergsø and Chase Healey journeyed to Flanders to brew this twist on an American-style IPA with Dirk Naudts at De Proefbrouwerij. Predictably, it’s loaded with West Coast hops. What you might not have guessed, though, is that it was fermented exclusively with a special strain of Brettanomyces claussenii that’s light on the funkiness, but really aromatic. It leaves behind an astoundingly well attenuated IPA, which means it’s good for drinkin’. A serious amount of West Coast hops are added to the whirlpool and as dry hops to compliment the tropical notes from the Brett.

Mikkeller Crooked Moon
In Mikkeller we have over the years done ​​many collaboration brews. However, the last one we did was a little unusual – we collaborated with the Swedish tattoo studio Crooked Moon. The two brothers Jacob and Jonas Pedersen that run Crooked Moon Tattoo in Helsingborg wanted to celebrate their tattoo studio’s first birthday with a big party, and what could be more natural than to do it with a beer in their own name? The two brothers have designed the labels for this beer. And therefore this beer comes with two different labels. One by of Jacob, and the other by Jonas. The beer is just like a Crooked Moon tattoo: strong and powerful. In this case we are talking about a violently hoppy double IPA with 9% alcohol.

Mikkeller Koppi IPA
Citra hops and Kunde Gagi coffee!

Siren/Hill Farmstead/Mikkeller Limoncello IPA
This is an awesome collaboration with Mikkeller and Hill Farmstead. It will mess with your mind as an IPA designed to mimic Limoncello. A slightly sour mash, combined with Lactose for sweetness, tonnes of lemon Zest and hopped to death with Sorachi Ace and Citra.


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