Support Missouri Wine Day!

This Saturday, 4/19, come on out for SUPPORT MISSOURI WINE DAY!


The past few weeks involving Missouri Spirits and Beer have been great successes, and now we conclude with Missouri Wine.  Easter is THIS SUNDAY, so why not come on out and find the perfect local wine to serve at your Easter brunch.



Large Format Orin Swift!


abstract 2012 red wine
Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Amador, and El Dorado

“There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can
remove all traces of reality.” – Pablo Picasso

We are very excited to offer you the newest edition of Abstract. We consider this wine to be the culmination of a thirteen-year process. From 2000-2012 I spent countless hours in vineyards and in blending trials working to perfect The Prisoner.
I have taken all that knowledge, both the trials and tribulations, and diligently applied it to Abstract. With The Prisoner chapter of wine making behind us, we feel as if a natural progression has been made and an evolution has occurred at Orin Swift. We are proud to share that with you in the form of Abstract, our finest blend to date. Our ongoing pursuit of choice vineyards throughout California resulted in some extraordinary Grenache, along with exquisite Petit Sirah and Syrah that we assembled together into an artful collage both in and outside of the bottle.

Winemaker’s Notes Inky blue-purple in complexion, the wine bursts with a perfume of dark fruit, sage, acacia flowers, kirsch, and a hint of California chaparral. Voluptuous in texture, the wine is remarkably fresh on the palate with ripe blackberry, mulberry, roasted plum, black tea, and bitter chocolate. A sweet and soft tannin profile rounds out the finish, which lingers elegantly.

Blend Grenache, Petite Sirah and Syrah

Maturation Aged for 10 months in a combination of new and seasoned French Oak.



We received a very limited quantity of Orin Swift Abstract in large format 1.5 liter bottles.  Hurry in and purchase this very cool item while it is in stock.

2nd Shift Green Bird (Plus Restocks)


2nd Shift Brewing and The Bridge have collaborated on a new beer: Green Bird Gose.


Now in stock from 2nd Shift: Green Bird Gose, Brew Cocky, Katy, Albino Pygmy Puma and Cat Spit Stout.

Jeff Brooks
Beer Department Manager
Lukas Liquor Superstore
St. Louis’ First REAL Liquor Store

Malka Beer From Israel


Now in stock: Malka Beer from Israel. Text from Sublime Imports

Malka Beer is one of the first micro breweries in Israel, located in the upper Galilee, in the town of Yehiam (pronounced YEH-HEE-YAM), at the foot of the 12th century Crusader castle, Montfort castle. With state of the art brewing systems, Malka’s brewery maintains a tradition of hand-crafting small batches of beer, specializing in making traditional beers with a modern touch. They base their recipes on Belgian, German, and English methods of brewing while imparting a local Israeli twist using natural water from the Ga’aton Springs and local flavors.
Malka’s beers are all kosher. Their hekhsher/kosher certification was provided/overseen by Rabbi Shlomo ben Eliyahu. He is the mashgiach that oversees the kashering of food and drink for the Mateh Asher Regional Council located in Galil Ma’Ariv, Israel.
That being said, please don’t be taken aback by some of our “apikoros,” non-kosher food pairing suggestions! We base these suggestions on the craft beer world as a whole, considering dishes traditionally served with the individual styles of beer from the countries they originate, also on what we ourselves enjoy with them and more. Obviously, please feel free to pair Malka’s beers however you like!

Blonde Ale, Pale Ale and Dry Stout are now available in 4 packs and 11.2 oz bottles.

Jeff Brooks
Beer Department Manager
Lukas Liquor Superstore

Tasting Schedule for 4/11 & 4/12!

Here is our Tasting Schedule for Friday, 4/11 and Saturday, 4/12:


On Saturday, 4/12, come celebrate Support Missouri Beer Day! We’re taking today to showcase some great Missouri beers that are definitely making an impact in the world beer community. Come taste some fine brews from:

  • Schlafly
  • Boulevard
  • Urban Chestnut
  • 4 Hands
  • Perennial Artisan Ales
  • and many more………………………..

This is a free event to the public, but obviously you must be 21 to taste.


Elsewhere in the store this weekend:


FRIDAY 4/11 (tasting times will vary)


-Joseph Carr Cabernet Sauvignon 4-6 p.m.



-Kinky Liqueur selection 5-7 p.m.



-Wiser’s Canadian Whiskey selection 5-7 p.m.







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