Lukas Spirits Department

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Meet the Lukas Spirits Department!


Mike Cherre 

Store Assistant Manager & Spirits Manager/Buyer

Shelby Durham

Store Assistant Manager & Buyer

Mike has been with Lukas for 13 years, and in that time has worked his way from cashier to Store Assistant Manager/Buyer and the head of the Lukas Spirits Department. Truly a jack of all trades, Mike and Shelby have a vast knowledge of everything distilled. Whether it be single malt Scotch Whisky, Bourbon, Irish or Canadian Whiskey, vodka, gin, tequila and liqueurs, our Spirits Team has you covered.

If you are looking for American whiskeys, single malt Scotch whisky, Irish, Canadian, these are areas that we can help present and teach you about on a daily basis. Whether it is pure curiosity, a gift or just simply a bottle of something new, you will not be disappointed. With over 500+ different whisk(e)y’s in stock we are sure to have something to make your palate smile.

Lukas Wine and Spirits is also the leading destination in eastern Missouri for hand-selected single barrel whiskey’s.  Throughout the year we receive samples from all over the U.S. of multiple single barrel’s, we analyze them and select that one barrel that meets the high standards of not only the Lukas Spirits Department but also the Lukas customer. Our barrel’s are second to none and the best of the best, and that’s what our customers deserve.

So stop in today and let Mike, Shelby and the rest of the Lukas Staff help assist you in spirits and recommendations!

Lukas Wine & Spirits Superstore: 636-227-4543


90 thoughts on “Lukas Spirits Department

  1. Brenda

    Wondering about the availability of two products: Whistle Pig 10-year Rye and Grand Patron Piedra. Are either of these available? Thanks!

  2. Sheila

    Hi. Just found your store on the web while looking for a source for Mongolian vodka, specifically, Chinngis Khan or Ghengis Khan. Any chance you carry it?

  3. Abby

    Hi all, I was just in your store today and it’s amazing. The customer service was awesome like always! When I got home I quickly realized I forgot to ask you guys several questions about products.

    I am looking to get into the moonshine craze. I have heard American Born is good. Is this a product you guys carry and recommend as far as moonshine?

    I am a proud support of local disterilles. I drink mastermind vodka, cardinal sin vodka and pickney bend. I can’t seem to find a local disterally that does rum. Does anyone in missouri do rum? If so what company and what is the flavor profile on them?

    Thank you guys for always being amazing. I will forever support a local business! See ya all soon.

    1. Abby,

      Thank you for your kind words. They are always appreciated.

      In our opinion, American Born is a really well done Moonshine. We sell a lot of their sweet tea flavored example as well.

      As for a local rum, Stil 630 produces a rum called “Soulard island Rum.” It’s an amber/gold rum, and drinks pretty smooth. Unfortunately there just aren’t a lot of local distilleries that produce a rum. But, we are always on the lookout for new ones.

  4. Mark Ellison


    I am looking for OYO Oloroso Wheat Whiskey. I had some in Columbus, OH and was enchanted. Any way this might make it into your set?


    1. Logan,

      After talking with all of my vendor’s, this is one particular Italian spirit none of them have heard of. While it has peaked my interest, it unfortunately is something that I cannot bring in for you. Is this a liqueur that you’ve had or purchased here in the U.S. or only in Italy?

      -Adam M England
      Lukas Spirits Manager

      1. Logan

        I’ve have had it here in the US. I was able to get in Dallas, but I haven’t seen it here in St. Louis.

  5. Jim

    Is there any news on Black Maple Hill being available. I didn’t see an update in the “news” section of the website but I thought I’d ask. It was almost a year ago they said they’d be ready to distribute in a year.

    1. Jim,

      I’ve read a few articles regarding new release(s) from the new owners/distillery that bought the Black Maple Hill name. My local vendor has not heard any information come down the pike from their respective Midwest supplier so far. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter or the Lukas email newsletter for any potential release details.

      -Adam M England
      Lukas Spirits Manager

    1. Dave,

      I just received a call from my last vendor regarding the Seleccion Artenom Tequila 1146 Anejo and none of them can find anything in their respective portfolio’s that matches the name. If this is a tequila you discovered in Mexico, there’s a high chance that it’s not available here in the U.S. market. I highly recommend trying more American Southwest located liquor stores since they do carry way more tequila’s than we do here in the Midwest.

      -Adam M England
      Lukas Spirits Manager

    1. TJ,

      At moment, we do have the Michter’s Straight Rye and the Michter’s Small Batch Whiskey. The 10yr is out of stock at out distributor with no current ETA fir the next shipment. If and when we do receive some, it will be announced on our website.

    1. Steve,

      Normally we do carry the Russell’s Reserve 10 Year-Old but our supplier has been out of stock for a few weeks and in return so have we. We do carry though a rare Russell’s Reserve Small Batch – Single Barrel that was done with the distillery and has been a customer favorite for months now.

      -Lukas Spirits Department

    1. Mitch,

      The last of my rep’s/vendor’s got back with me this afternoon and none of them had heard of or located this particular brandy within the Missouri market.

      -Lukas Spirits Department

  6. Jm

    I was lucky enough to be offered a glass of Octomore while visiting Europe.

    Is this something you carry and if so, at what price range?

  7. Jess

    Do you ever buy vintage bottles from the public? I’ve got an old bottle of Bookers that was handed down to me and I was looking to maybe sell it but I don’t know where to take it.

    1. Jess,

      Sorry to say, but we cannot by liquor from anyone that does not have a proper Missouri Alcohol Sales License. Your best bet would be to search online for any private collectors that might be interested in your bottle of Bookers.

  8. Nik

    Do you guys have the Bowmore 10-yr Devil’s Cask or The Balvenie 21-yr Portwood? Had some at a friends house, but can’t seem to find either of them anywhere.

    1. Nik,

      The Bowmore Devil’s Cask is something I have been waiting on for a very long time now but nothing has been 100% verified through my local supplier as in Missouri even getting any thus far. As for the Balvenie 21 Year Portwood, we do regularly carry this whisky and have it stock.

      -Adam M England
      Lukas Spirits Manager

    1. Cheryl,

      We currently do not carry the Whalers Vanilla Rum, but it is something that we can possibly special order from our distributor. If you are interested in ordering a bottle or two, just call us at 636-227-4543 and we’ll get you squared away.

      -Lukas Spirits Department

  9. Chai

    Hi, Do you carry Ron Zacapa 23 yr and Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva?? if not can you procure them for me??

    Also I am looking for a thick heavy sweet rum. Any pointers??


    1. Chai,

      We carry the Ron Zacapa Centenario Solera Gran Reserva 23 and the Ron Zacapa Centenario XO Solera Gran Reserva Especial (cognac cask finished) here at the store.

      As for heavier and more cloying styles of rums, look for ones that use a rich molasses base instead of a lighter sugarcane base. Typically your Black Strap styles are more like that and tend to be a lot darker in color (i.e. molasses based)

      -Lukas Spirits Department

    1. Chris,

      According to the local supplier and the distiller, you will not see any Black Maple Hill KSBW any time soon. They are so low in inventory that they’ve decided to not even distribute any bourbon for up to a full year from now. Once their inventory is up to speed and can provide a consistent flow of product, you will not see anything. As soon as Lukas has any back in stock, we will announce it on the website.

      -Lukas Spirits Department

  10. Alexa

    Last fall around Halloween/Thanksgiving time you sold a liquor that tasted like pumpkin pie. It was amazing… I can’t remember what the name of it.. Can you help me figure out what it was? Is it offer year around?

    1. Alexa,

      The pumpkin liqueur you are talking about is the Fulton’s Pumpkin Pie Cream Liqueur and it usually come out in September of each year.

      -Lukas Spirits Department

    1. Scott,

      I apologize for the late reply, We do have a couple bottles left of the Angels’ Envy Rye left. Please call us at 636-227-4543 if you would like us to set a bottle aside for you.

      1. Thanks, came in this morning and picked up this AND Angel’s Envy Rye. One is a gift and the other is for sippin’ while on vacation.

    1. Nate,

      We do not have any of the Pappy Van Winkle or Antique Collection whiskeys currently in stock for sale. What bottles we do have in are strictly for pouring ($10 per 1 ounce pour). These whiskeys come out once a year and are done through a lottery system here at the store. Check out our website for all of the rules and regulations of the fall release.

      Any further questions can be directed to me at any time.

      -Adam M England
      Lukas Spirits Manager

    1. Matt,

      Currently, we only have Lagavulin in the standard 750ml bottles. Occasionally, we do see a sampler pack that contains a 200ml of Lagavulin as well as other Islay Scotches.

    1. Andy,

      Unfortunately the Knockando SMSW is not available here in the state of Missouri. We carry Knochdhu but it is not the same thing in case you see it in our store.

      -Lukas Spirits Department

  11. Gunnar

    In terms of aquavit/akvavit, do you stock anything outside of the usual Linie, North Shore or Aalborg (though I’d be interested in seeing any Aalborg that’s not their original version)?

    1. Jason,

      We are currently out of the Wild Turkey 14 Year Tradition due to the local supplier being out of stock. As soon as new stock arrives, we will announce it on the website.

      -Lukas Spirits Department

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