Rare Beer Guidelines

The popularity of rare beer is increasing faster than breweries can handle it. Simply put, demand is increasing much faster than supply, and we thank you for it. You’ve helped St. Louis become a beer mecca. Our beer business is increasing with no sign of slowing down.

Here are the guidelines:

For the highly sought after releases – basically anything that’s spent time in a whiskey barrel – there will be no reservation list. Due to a limited quantity and large demand, if we took reservations in advance, we would sell out months before the release, or – even worse – oversell and not have enough for the customers whose names we’ve taken down. Don’t be surprised if you see more and more releases limited to one bottle per person.

While we won’t be taking down names in advance for these releases, we will be announcing them via our website and Twitter. Once you see these announcements, you can call to reserve a bottle. This way we don’t oversell. Sometimes we don’t know how many bottles we are getting until them show up at the store.

When we take down your name, you have one week to pick up your beer. After that, it’ll go out on the shelf.

You are only picking up the beer for yourself. Not your brother, not your neighbor, not your spouse. That being said, if you are out of town and want to send someone else to pick up your beer, that is completely fine IF you let us know the name of the person picking it up.

If we somehow find out you’re buying products from us and flipping them on eBay, you will not be sold anymore rare products. It’s just not cool. These releases are limited enough. Trade, don’t price gouge.

If you have any questions or comments, I’d be happy to hear your feedback. Cheers!

Jeff Brooks
Lukas Beer Manager