A few new single malts to report to all the peatophiles out there…

Chieftain’s Caol Ila 14yr (Rum Cask Finish) 

Finished in Jamaican Rum Cask! The earthy, sweet notes of sugar cane together with the smoky peat of Islay at last. Rum casks are always adored by the single malt faithful and this is another splendid example of just how great they work in adding additional complexity to whisky. Cask strength, but not as hefty as one might expect, the peat is bolstered with rum raisins and a finish that tastes like you poured a bit of Appleton in the mix. Delicious.

Chieftian’s Bunnahabhain 14yr (heavily peated)

 Chieftian’s Aberfeldy 13yr

Chieftain’s Rosebank 20yr

Rosebank from a sherry butt? We bought as much as we could. Closed forever in the early 1990s, Rosebank is now one of the great “lost” distilleries of Scotland, as everything that exists is now in a barrel. This is a lovely example of what makes Rosebank’s Lowland style so legendary – a nose of fresh fruits and caramel, bright baking spices on the palate with some oily textures and rich sherry flavors from the barrel. At cask strength, this is a collectable bottle that might taste too good, however, to actually save. Drink it up because there’s now one barrel less of Rosebank in existance.