Its that time of year again……Wedding and Graduation season!

How many of us have already been asked to attend a wedding?  Or even participate in one?  How many of us are helping to PLAN a wedding?  Usually liquor, wine and beer are the last thoughts when it comes to wedding planning.  Lukas Liquor has you covered.  We have multiple staff members that can help you figure out how much you will need to properly host and supply a wedding reception.

The Spring season also brings us the joyful event that is Graduation!  When you finally get that degree, (and of are legal drinking age) this momentous occasion is a reason to celebrate.  Our staff can help you figure out all you might need to help you “cut loose” after years of hard work:

We have dozens of kegs on hand and dozens more we can order with enough time.

We have frozen drink machines on hand that can whip up hard and non-alcoholic frozen cocktails.

We have our “2 for” section in wine that demonstrates excellent wines for the price that won’t blow your budget.

As always, give us a call at 636-227-4543 if you have any questions.  Also make sure to follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@lukasstl) for everything new and exciting happening at Lukas Liquor.