If you come into our store on any given day, you’ve probably heard us rambling, debating or arguing about some random sports topic.  This is a very common occurrence because every one of us loves our sports teams.  While it may be in varying degrees of love depending on the individual, every employee here is behind our teams 100%.  The Blues have been a rousing success this season, and its such a morale boost for us fans that have seen the club go through some rough times.

During the 2012 NFL Draft, we had one of our computers refreshing ESPN live updates so we could monitor who our Rams were going to draft.  And yes, there were a few shouts of “WHAT JUST HAPPENED?” but that’s what makes the draft so interesting.  The Rams are a great team and are just going to get better.

The Cardinals are the team that just when you count them out, they surprise you by winning the World Series. (see 2006 & 2011)  One nickname we have affectionately given to our new manager’s station is the “bullpen” in honor of our love for baseball.  It is even decorated with a 2011 World Series pennant.

So while we enthusiastically love recommending wine, spirits and beers for any occasion, we also enthusiastically love the St. Louis Blues, Rams and Cardinals.  Just like our passion for enhancing your libation experience won’t fade, neither will our support for local teams.