Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy Irish Whiskey

New & limited to Lukas Liquor Superstore, Midleton Barry Crockett  Leagacy Irish Whiskey (46% ABV)!

The Story of Midleton’s Barry Crockett:

“Few people are born into a job and fewer still can say that they were born where they work. Master Distiller, Barry Crockett has both distinctions. Born in the Distiller’s Cottage, that sits on the grounds of the Midleton Distillery (situated midway between Cork City & Youghal Town), Barry Crockett has been immersed in the art of whiskey distilling for almost 50 years. As a young apprentice, Barry learned his craft from his father and the Midleton Master Distiller, Max Crockett; eventually succeeding him as Master Distiller in 1981.

The modern day Midleton or Mainistir na Corann (Monastery at the Weir) whiskey house style evolved under the stewardship of the Crocketts, and achieved notoriety through the annual vintage release of the Midleton Very Rare blend and the limited releases of Midleton Single Pot Still whiskey’s. The style is characterized by elegant and fragrant distillates and the exclusive use of American bourbon barrels in their maturation.

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy is the first ongoing bottling of a Single Pot Still whiskey from the Midleton brand and is a fitting legacy to the man, who more than anyone else, has defined the exquisite Midleton style.”

Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy, The Whiskey:

“This whiskey represents Barry Crockett’s personal selection of fine and elegant whiskeys which have been distilled and laid down for over the past 22 years.

Using a combination of different Pot Still distillates, Barry has assembled a whiskey of remarkable complexity and finesse. The whiskey uses mainly the highest quality first fill bourbon barrels with a subtle contribution of a particular Pot Still distillate which has spent over 18 years maturing in unseasoned American oak barrels.”

Barry Crockett’s Tasting Notes:

Nose: Elegant aroma of vanilla and toasted oak complimented by a touch of lime, succulent green berries, pears and green sweet pepper.

Taste: Light pepper carries onto fresh citrus, limes and mandarin orange sweetness. A hint of cinnamon with vanilla and oak reveals its years spent in American oak..

Finish: The full spectrum of flavors last well into the finish, slowly fading to expose the clean American oak foundation.

***Special note, this whiskey is non-chill-filtered for maximum flavor enjoyment!***

Lukas Liquor Superstore has a few cases of this newly released, rare Irish whiskey currently in stock but knowing the dedicated Midleton Whiskey aficionado’s out there, they will not last long.



-Adam M England

Lukas Spirits Manager


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