Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Double Malt Selection’s

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Woodford Reserve

Master’s Collection 2013

8th Release

Double Malt Selections

Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Double Malt Selections


What is Woodford Reserve’s “Master’s Collection”?

In the early 1800s, the Woodford County Distillery, thanks to owner Oscar Pepper and Master Distiller James Crow, was the site for landmark discoveries and innovative techniques in bourbon-making.

Pepper and Crow are credited with refining and defining key processes such as sour mashing, yeast propagation, copper pot distillation and the maturing of whiskey in new, charred oak casks. Their work defined bourbon and subsequently rye whiskey as we know them today.

Woodford Reserve Distillery’s Master Collection honors the pioneering work of Pepper and Crow, applying their handcrafted methods to a variety of grain recipes, fermentation styles and maturation processes to create a range of unique whiskeys.

The Story of the Master’s Collection 2013 “Double Malt Selection”

Globally, whiskey is presented in a wide range of flavor profiles, often described as either Old World or New World in style. Old World whisk(e)ys (Scotch, Irish, etc.) typically have a grain-focused flavor profile, and those of the New World (Bourbon, Tennessee, etc.) highlight the impact of new-oak cask maturation.

The Double Malt Selection affords you the rare opportunity for a side-by-side barrel style comparison so you can see and taste the difference for yourself. Both bottles feature a malt recipe spirit that was uniquely triple distilled in Woodford Reserve’s copper pot stills; the primary difference is in their maturation. We like to say that one is ‘grain forward’ and the other more ‘barrel forward.’

Kentucky Straight Malt Whiskey

Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Straight Malt

Classic Malt

Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Classic Malt

Past Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Release’s

2006 Four Grain

2007 Sonoma-Cutrer Finish

2008 Sweet Mash

2009 Seasoned Oak

2010 Maple Wood Finish

2011 Rare Rye

2012 Four Wood

2013 Double Malt Selection’s *NEW*

Each year Woodford Reserve releases these rare experimental whiskeys in the fall and once they are gone, that’s it for that particular whiskey… never to be repeated again. Unlike other rare whiskeys on the market today that come out once a year, the Master’s Collection changes from year to year making it one of the most collectible whiskey’s on the market today.

Lukas Liquor Superstore has an extremely limited amount of the Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection “Double Malt Selections” bottles available for sale. They are individually priced 750ML bottles with no limit on how many you may purchase.

This will be strictly an in store, first come, first serve release.

***We will NOT accept any phone, fax or email reservations.***


-Adam M England

Lukas Spirits Manager


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