Lacuesta Vermouths

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Lacuesta Vermouths

 Martinez Lacuesta Vermouth


The Heart of Haro

The business was started in 1895 in the Calle de la Vega in Haro. In 1903 it moved to the Bodega at number 71 in Calle Ventilla, where it remained for over a century. Vermouth production started roughly 30 years later. Lacuesta Vermut remains to this day, the only vermouth originating from Haro, the heart of the Rioja wine region. Without a doubt, this was a whole century of creating unforgettable wines and aperitifs, truly wonderful delights for the palate, as witnessed by a long list of awards and mythical vintages.


Lacuesta Vermouth Vermut Rojo

Our vermouth, hand-made by Martínez Lacuesta since 1937, is held to be one of the finest aperitifs. The “botanicals” (in Italian language called “Conzia”), or herbal extracts (herbs and aromatic plants cold-macerated in white wine) are first aged in American oak barrels and then added to the white base wine along with sugar, citric acid, caramel and alcohol.

On the nose it is highly aromatic, evoking the macerated herbs used: vanilla, chamomile, gentian and others. In the mouth it is a perfect balance between bitterness, sweetness and acidity with a long finish.

Lacuesta Vermouth Reserva Oak

As a special complement to the traditional production method for our vermouth, which uses cold-pressed natural aromatic herbs and plants for the white wine base, we have added a brief period of ageing, during which the vermouth matures beautifully in new French oak barrels from Allier, medium-toasted. The result is this bitter, aromatic and intensely colored vermouth, recalling traditional vermouth with its dark-roasted undertones and unique flavor. Ideal as an aperitif, it is best served cold and accompanied by a slice of orange and an olive.

Lacuesta Vermouth Reserva Acacia

Lacuesta Vermouth Edicion Limitada



-Adam M England

Lukas Spirits Manager


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