New Beer: Ridgeway, To Ol, Brasserie Bailleux


Ridgeway Imperial Russian Stout
Master brewer Peter Scholey tells us:
“Imperial Russian Stouts historically tend to be declared in the range of 9 to 10% alcohol by volume, at 10% Ridgeway’s is at the top of that range. What differentiates the style from simply a strong stout or porter is that extended ageing and perhaps a little judicious “infection” before bottling which makes them considerably more vinous and sharp than an export stout so there is MUCH more of a wine character than you normally get in a strong ale. Not soured but just that little nod towards a lambic beer. Very roasty and very bitter. That bitterness mellows over time in the bottle but if you are lucky enough to get an Imperial Russian on draught it will be full on. The style is not intended to be overtly hoppy once settled but obviously with so many hops used the draught experience will have something on the hop front that won’t be there in a bottled version.”
Ridgeway’s Russian Imperial Stout will be brewed once a year. A small number of numbered bottles will be made available for you to enjoy immediately or to lay down for a while.”

Au Baron Cuvée des Jonquilles
Michael Jackson called Bailleux a ‘revivalist’ brewery, and Jonquilles does hark back to an earlier time when there was no border between Belgium and northern France, and the two styles, bière de garde and saison, were probably distinguished only by their names. Both come from the same farmhouse brewing tradition, which involved brewing in the cold months of Winter, and then laying the beers down, thick with yeast, for consumption by the workers in the field in the warm months of late Spring and Summer. Scholars will debate the relation between the two styles of beer. All you need to know is that Cuvée des Jonquilles has long been considered one of the very best beers of France. Think how lucky you are to be able to drink it here – if you can find some. We only have twenty cases at a time, and will probably never be able to get any more than that at a time.

To Øl Black Maria
Black Maria is an American inspired Black IPA. It is black as an stout and hoppy as an IPA. The beer has been brewed with a good amount of highly roasted Carafa Malts, but with a relatively low amount of caramel and chocolate malts. This way we get the burned bitter and delicate chocolate notes in the beers, that goes well with the bitter and fruity aromas of the hops. The lack of caramel and chocolate results in less residual sweetness that you normally pick up from an Stout. For the hops we wanted some hops that could stand up against the Carafa malts. Therefore we used a mix of Columbus, Centennial, Galaxy and Cascade for the hop profile.

To Øl Sleep Over Coffee IIPA
One of two sequels to the Mikkeller/To Øl collab “Overall IIPA”. The same beer but with tons of nice nutty aromatic espresso coffee. This is hybrid beer if ever seen one. The combination of fruits and citrus from the hops and the round coffee aromas plus the warmth of the alcohol makes this a clash of a IIPA, Black IPA, American strong and Barley Wine. Cheers!