Lukas Move Update…

To all of our great customers,


Thank you for your continued patience during this seemingly never-ending move. We are all extremely excited to have made such great progress, and we all know you will love the end result.

This has not, and will not be an easy feat. With the store not having a cooler for the last couple of weeks, some people have been disappointed and dismayed at no cold beer. The last few days we’ve been building pallets and transferring racks, displays and product into our new home which has resulted in quite a lovely mess around the store. We apologize if anyone has tripped over a random box or pallet.

However, the overwhelming support we have had from our distributors, suppliers, friends, families and customers has us feeling that this was the right move to do. While we may be exhausted when we hit the finish line, we are gonna finish with a smile and our usual attitude of “what’s next?”

Remember that this Monday, June 15th-Wednesday, June 17th we will be closed as we will move over all remaining product into our new store. We will resume normal hours on Thursday, June 18th. 


Thanks again and see you at Lukas 2!


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