Fun Rare Whiskies & Beers….today!

As we previously teased earlier this week, we will have some rare Whiskies AND Beers released this afternoon.  Let’s say…1:00 for the release time with a few conditions:


-For the beers, some of the items will be unlimited, others will be limited to 1 bottle person. Expect to see some 2nd Shift (limited) and Perennial. (among others)

-For the Whiskies, each person will be able to select 1 bottle off of the release cart.  Expect to see some Orphan Barrel (among others) included in the mix.

No exceptions, no holds and no reservations. All items will be first come, first serve. Please, no calls asking what items are available. We will set everything out at 1:00 for purchase.

Thank you for your continued support!