Here we are again. The time is close and we are all eagerly anticipating this year’s release of Goose Island Bourbon County Stout and its variants.


This year however, Goose Island decided to change things up and instead of using 12oz bottles, we will see 16oz bottles that look pretty cool.




Last year’s “Golden Ticket” went over so well that we are utilizing this system once again. Here’s how this year’s release will work:

  • On Saturday morning, November 21st, when we open at 9:00 a.m., the first 50 people that signup will be issued a “Golden Ticket” that will act as a entry into this year’s BCS release party on Friday, November 27th at 6:00 p.m. The price per ticket is $10 and this will get you:
  1. A 3 bottle allocation of classic BCS. (Additional charge per bottle of BCS. You are not obligated to buy all 3, but this is how many is allocated per ticket.)
  2. A snifter pour of BCS on draft. (included in your $10 ticket entry)
  3. Entry into the release party raffle for the Coffee, Barleywine, Regal Rye and Rare Variants. (more to come on this further down)
  • To signup, one of the Lukas associates will register YOUR name to the Golden Ticket number. No proxies will be allowed. Each person will be allowed to purchase 1 Golden Ticket for themselves.
  • You cannot redeem someone else’s ticket. If you know someone who was able to acquire a Golden Ticket, but could not attend, we will not be able to sell you their allocated purchase, nor be able to drink their snifter of BCS.
  • The 4 variants this year (Coffee, Barleywine, Regal Rye and Rare) will be in EXTREMELY short supply. While we would love for everyone to have a bottle of each, it just won’t be possible this year. Therefore, we will be doing a live lottery for these bottles. Our release party starts at 6:00. At 6:45, we will draw random ticket numbers from a hat and those people will be able to select their choice of which variant they would like to purchase. If you elect not to purchase all 3 bottles of regular BCS, you cannot substitute a variant for the bottles. If you choose to not purchase a variant, we cannot extend to you another bottle of regular BCS until the general public has made their way into the Tasting Room.
  • If you are able to purchase a “Golden Ticket,” but for some reason cannot attend the event on 11/27, we will hold your 3 bottles of BCS for half a fortnight (One week) until Friday, 12/4. If you still haven’t picked your bottles by then, they will go public on Saturday morning. You will need to present your “Golden Ticket” to pick up your allotment.¬†Unfortunately, we cannot hold any variant and cannot guarantee we will have any BCS draft left.
  • At 7:15, we will open the release party to the public and at that time, any remaining BCS and draft will be available to the public.

When the event becomes public, we ask that everyone who has already been able to purchase bottles please be respectful and let anyone who might be waiting to have a chance at bottles and draft pours.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.