Samuel Adams Crystal Pale Ale

crystalpalealesm--en--20b3e1e4-efdb-44fe-b219-d772d0e7b893This crisp pale ale is named after Crystal hops grown in Oregon, which give the beer its distinctive American hop character.  That classic aroma and citrusy, floral flavor that the Crystal hops provide is accented by the subtle earthiness of UK hops and balanced by a deep yet subtle malt sweetness with notes of toffee.

Samuel Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA


Samuel Adams Rebel Grapefruit IPA is the newest addition to the Rebel family of IPAs, which are brewed to showcase a wide range of hop intensities and characteristics. Rebel Grapefruit is brewed with real grapefruit for a big punch of citrus that amplifies the tropical fruit and citrus notes of one of the Sam Adams brewers’ favorite West Coast hops, Mosaic.


Kona Koko Brown


A Nut Brown Worth Cracking

Is there anything more iconic of the lush tropics than the coconut? The delicious heart of this island treasure has a nutty, toffee flavor and aroma that sends you straight to the beaches of Paradise. Kick back with a Koko Brown, brewed with real toasted coconut, and savor the mahogany color and smooth, roasty malt taste.





Founders Azacca IPA

Named for the Haitian god of agriculture, the Azacca hop boasts intense, tropical fruit notes. Azacca IPA includes a touch of caramel malt to provide a sweet backbone to the citrus, mango and orchard fruit notes in this 7% ABV, 70 IBUs beer. The label artwork symbolizes the god of agriculture watching over a field where the ingredients used to make the beer are being grown.AzaccaIPATemporaryFeature


Coney Island Orange Cream Ale


Get your tickets here! It’s a small price for a thrilling escape. Buckle up, passengers,  and hang on to your hats; we’re on a steep track to bring you back to the boardwalk.

Some rides are deceiving, but this one is all there. Coney Island Hard Orange Cream Ale is an amalgamation of orange, vanilla and spice inspired by the deliciously unexpected concoctions you only find on the boardwalk.  Are you tall enough to ride?

Coney Island Hard Ginger Ale


What we have behind the curtain will amaze you! Astound you! Astonish you! Hailing from deep in the ground in a far off land comes an ingredient so fragrant and so delightful that a single sip will wash away your worries like waves crashing on sunny shores.

Feast your eyes on Coney Island Hard Ginger Ale: a tantalizing libation enhanced with exotic West African ginger. Are you tall enough to ride?