Adam Carolla’s Visit

Lukas would like to thank everyone that came out for our Meet and Greet with Adam Carolla!  It was a huge success, everyone had a great time and got to enjoy some Mangria.  These are some of the pics that our staff took of the event.  Cheers!!!


IMG_1607IMG_1608 - CopyIMG_1614 - CopyIMG_1616 - CopyIMG_1617 - CopyIMG_1618 - CopyIMG_1622 - CopyIMG_1630 - CopyIMG_1631 - CopyIMG_1635 - CopyIMG_1638 - CopyIMG_1641 - CopyIMG_1643 - CopyIMG_1644 - CopyIMG_1645 - CopyIMG_1647 - CopyIMG_1650 - CopyIMG_1652 - CopyIMG_1653 - CopyIMG_1655 - CopyIMG_1657 - CopyIMG_1659

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