To Ol Berry White

A 5% White Ale, smooth yet refreshing mouthfeel, we then add the berries to add a sweet, fruit flavour, with Amarillo and Mosaic hops for a touch of bitterness and a slightly soured mash for balance.


To Ol Rodgrod Med Flode

Fruit IPA brewed with Raspberry, Blackcurrent, Strawberry and Redcurrent, and is inspired by a classic Danish dessert of the same name. It is also a Danish tongue twister (I can very much vouch for that!) which gives it an additional bit of fun to have with customers. The beer is a light tartness flavour to it, with big fruit aromas and a medium bitter finish.



To Ol Velvets Are Blue

A slightly sour and elegant Saison brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc, it’s European partner. At 5,5% the hops add these lovely light and elegant pear and grape notes to the beer. We then added Blueberries to the brew.


To Ol Sur Simcoe

At 4,5% this is sure to be a winner, a low pH means the beer stays fresher for longer and offers everyone the chance to knock back glass after glass of session sour IPA.


Amager/Crooked Stave Collaboration 

Chad King of the Wild Yeasts Farmhouse Pale Ale



After long years of beer geeks discussing hops to exhaustion, now yeast is finally getting a glimpse of the spotlight.  This tiny little creature has for way too long been leading a Batman-like existence: outcast, living in the shadows and not getting enough credit for his work.  However, the importance of fermentation is no news to Chad Michael Yakobsen from Colorado’s Crooked Stave Brewery.  He has been fondling with carious fermenting agents for longer than most people have been drinking.  So it was on a beautiful spring day that Mr. Yakobsen came to Amager to bombard us simpletons with his knowledge on all things yeasty, especially, bretty.  However, due to stubbornness from our end, we still insisted on the brew to carry a mother***** of hops.  The answer to what ingredient won the battle lies within this bottle.  But in our opinion, we are all winners!





*****Beer Descriptions are from the Breweries.*****