Lukas’ Week of Whiskey 2016 details

June 15-18

Lukas Wine and Spirits is proud to announce our “Week of Whiskey” a very special week of special events and free tastings all leading up to Father’s Day!

Product Demo/Free Tasting Schedule

Wednesday, June 15

Highland Park Scotch Event (RSVP required) (5-7:30PM) RSVP HERE
Macallan Single Malt Scotch (5-7PM)
Famous Grouse/Cutty Sark scotch (5-7PM)
Four Roses (5-7PM)

Thursday, June 16

Spirits of St. Louis (Square One Brewery & Distillery) w/ Owner Wayne Noble (5-7PM)
Jameson 4-6PM
New Holland Distilling (4-6PM)
Redemption Rye (4-6PM)
Reiger Kansas City Whiskey (4-6PM)
Jim Beam Single Barrel (4-6PM)
High West (5-7PM)
Bib & Ticker (5-7PM)
Masterson’s (5-7PM)
Four Roses (5-7PM)

Friday, June 17

Wood Hat Distilling w/ Owner Gary Hinegardner (5-7PM)
Aberlour Single Malt Scotch (4-6PM)
Uncle Bob’s Whiskey (4-6PM)
Redemption Rye Whiskey (4-6PM)
Rieger Kansas City Whiskey (4-6PM)
Lukas’ Single Barrel Whiskey (4-6PM)
Wyoming Whiskey (5-8PM)
Ozark Distilling Co. (5-7PM)
High West (5-7PM)
Bib & Tucker (5-7PM)
Masterson’s (5-7PM)
Four Roses (5-7PM)

Saturday, June 18

Redbreast Irish (1-3PM)
Mulligans Bourbon (1-3PM)
Tin Cup Whiskey (1-4PM)
Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey (1-4PM)
Johnnie Walker (2:30-4:30PM)
High West (1-4PM)
Wood Hat Distilling (1-4PM)
Kansas Whiskey (1-4PM)
James Oliver Whiskey (1-4PM)
Bib & Tucker (1-4PM)
Masterson’s (1-4PM)
Four Roses (1-4PM)