Good news!

Our Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Single Barrel has arrived just in time for Week of Whiskey and Father’s Day!  After tasting and reviewing the barrel samples with the entire Lukas Single Barrel Committee, we all unanimously chose barrel #13-0676 to be our newest Lukas Single Barrel Selection!

This whiskey has DNA from both Scotch and Bourbon, with the mash bill being 4 different types of malted barley (like Scotch) and the aging process of new American Oak and a #4 barrel char (like bourbon). This is a truly unique experience compared to any other whiskey on the market.

Here is a rundown of this fine whiskey and some tasting notes from the Lukas Single Barrel Committee.


Barrel: #13-0676

ABV: 47% / 94 proof

Mash Bill: 4 types of Barley

Aging: New American oak barrels, #4 char, no less than 2 years in the barrel

Tasting Notes:

Color: Amber, reminiscent of a fine Cognac

Nose: Apple cider, baking spice, burnt orange, chocolate chips

Taste: red apple, warm chocolate, lingering spice on the finish