As we all know, this isn’t the greatest moment in time to be a fan of good whiskey. Product shortages, price increases and the ever-growing popularity of whiskey in general have completely changed the marketplace we see today. A handful of years ago it was possible to walk into your favorite whiskey shop and leave with almost anything you wanted. Nowadays, we are lucky to keep a few nice things on the shelf at any given time. Don’t you worry whiskey fans, Lukas is here to show you some excellent products that are always available on our shelves.


#5 Union Horse Distillery Reunion Rye


Located in Kansas City, Union Horse Distillery produces the “Reunion Rye” a 100% straight-rye recipe that is aged for up to 5 years in new American Oak barrels.

Tasting Notes: 

Aroma: caramel, maple syrup

Palate: cinnamon, ginger, clove

Finish: spicy rye, black pepper

#4 Crown Royal Hand Selected Barrel
(Lukas’ Single Barrel Pick)



Throw all of your notions of Crown Royal out the window- this fantastic Canadian Whisky will blow you away! Distilled in a Coffey still and aged in new American Oak with a mash bill of 64% corn, 31.5% rye, and 4.5% malted barley.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Earthy, fruit aromas like pineapple and mango

Palate: sweet and mild, brown sugar, vanilla, banana

#3  Larceny Bourbon


Larceny is made with wheat as the secondary grain instead of rye, giving it a much softer flavor profile compared to most bourbon on the market. This is a great low-cost alternative to other popular “wheated mash” bourbons like W.L. Weller and Van Winkle.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: fresh bread and toffee, with a note of butterscotch

Taste: buttery caramel and honeyed notes, with a rich mouthfeel

Finish: Long, gently sweet and savory

#2 Knappouge Castle 12yr Single Malt Irish Whiskey
(Lukas’ Barrel Pick)


It’s rare to find a reasonably priced Irish whiskey with the layered and complex flavor this bottling does. This single malt whiskey is triple-distilled in copper pot stills and then aged in first fill bourbon barrels.

Tasting Notes:

Aroma:  mild, spicy citrus

Taste: honeyed vanilla, toasted marshmallow, and lots of fruit

#1 Smooth Ambler Old Scout 8 Year
(Lukas Single Barrel Pick)

old scout

As the only “high rye” bourbon on the list, Smooth Ambler Old Scout 8yr Single Barrel really packs a punch on the flavor front at barrel strength. Serve neat or use it to make a kick-ass Manhattan!!

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: apple, pipe tobacco, spicy oak

Taste: bold, sweet and spicy flavors


Shelby Durham
Lukas Bar Manager

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