Winter Wines

Last Saturday I opened a bottle of wine that I had set aside for a special occasion. It was a little more expensive, a nicer bottle than I would normally have on a typical Saturday night in January. You know what? It was awesome. I loved it. It was the kind of wine that turned a fun night into a truly special evening, and reminded me what gifted winemakers can do to simple grape juice when the vintage turns their way. To be honest though, I did that the Saturday before, and I’m probably going to do it again this Saturday. It might be icy, it might snow and it might be gray for months at a time now, but at least the wine I drink this Saturday will be great enough to put me, mentally if not physically, in a sunny vineyard in Napa. Think ‘Winter Wine’, the kind of wine that makes you forget it’s January in the Midwest.

Charles Smith/K Vintners


Charles Smith released his first wine in 2001, from Walla Walla Washington. Since then he has released vintage after vintage of world class wines. Today, due to some late arrivals, we are able to offer the most complete collection of his wines in the history of our store. From the 98pt rated Royal City to the $17.99 Wines of Substance Cabernet Sauvignon, we have more wines from this world class producer than ever. The K Vintner line consists of small lots of single vineyard Syrahs, while the Wines of Substance line is single vineyard expressions of Bordeaux varietals in limited quantity. Across their respective price points and flavor profiles, it is very hard to think of a winery or wine maker that offers better value and quality than Charles Smith.

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Matt Hardin
Lukas Wine Department Manager