***NEW***94 + Points Wine Menu

Calling all wine lovers!!!  You now have an opportunity to enjoy a 3 oz or 6 oz glass of wine that is over 94 points. We are starting a new program at the bar that focuses on wine 94 points or above.    Starting this week you can grab 94 point wines such as….

Wine                                      Score                          Btl Price         3 oz             6oz 

Thomas Fogarty Chardonnay          95 Points(WE)         $33.99              $5                 $9

Melville Sandy’s Pinot Noir             95 Points(WA)        $50.99              $7                $13

Orin Swift Machete Red Blend         95 Points(WA)        $49.97              $6                $12

Bedrock Heritage Red Blend            96 Points(WA)         $47.99             $6                $12

K Vintners “The Deal” Syrah           95 Points(WA)        $36.99             $5                 $10

R. Craig Mt. Veeder Cab Sauv           95 Points(WA)        $ 79.99           $11                $20

We will be doing additions until the menu has up to 12 wines and then we will constantly be rotating in and out different wines!!!

(WE) = Scored by Wine Enthusiast

(WA) = Scored by Wine Advocate

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