Bedrock Single Vineyard Wine Maker Tasting


We are very excited to announce that on May 25, we will have Chris Cottrell from Bedrock Wine Company, live via video conference call. Chris wears many hats at Bedrock: He works in the vineyards and makes the wine. He helps sell the wine throughout the U.S. Without Chris, there is no Bedrock. On the evening of May 25, he will be broadcast live into our tasting room to virtually walk you through the single vineyard wines that make Bedrock such a unique force in the world of wine today.

We will taste through the following wines:
Cuvee Karatas $44.99
Pagani $44.99
Lorenzo’s $48.99
Nervo Ranch $45.99
Bedrock Heritage $47.99
Evangelho $39.99

Bedrock Wine Co. produces wine that are singularly Californian. They use grapes from some of the finest and oldest vineyards in California. There is no one better suited to provide the inside story to these world class wines and vineyard sites than Chris. Please join us Thursday, May 25th at 6:30 for a night of wine tasting that will be unforgettable.

Purchase tickets here!

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