This was sent out yesterday in Gary’s Newsletter:

“Dear Lukas Customers,

Admit it…you like to shop. While you might not like going on all day shopping trips looking for that perfect end piece for the living room or a new car, spending a few hours looking through the wares at Target or IKEA can be fun. I often say that half the fun of coming into Lukas is just being able to look around and see what’s here. We are constantly finding new items in all departments, and sometimes we don’t get around to publicizing them online. We’ve come to a realization that online shopping is just as important to some people as physically entering a store, so we are steadily making our online shopping presence better and easier.

Gary has mentioned it before, and I wanted to bring it up again about how excited we are for this endeavor. Our online store, has been seeing major traction as far as customer interest from all over the country. There are options to not only ship across the U.S., but options for in-store pickup. Our entire inventory is not online, but rather a collection of favorites, special buys and collectibles.

Going forward, you are going to want to pay attention to our online store and social media. Collectible items, in spirits, wine and beer, will become available as a “buy now” option upon release. This means that “rare” Bourbons like the Weller family, Elmer T. Lee and Blanton’s, and rare beers like barrel-aged and limited options from Perennial and Firestone Walker, will be put and sold exclusively online. Certain releases, like Pappy Van Winkle/Antique Collection and other highly limited Whiskeys will still go through a lottery. Goose Island BCS and its variants will still get their own release party in November.

Some of you might think this is us being lazy. Rather, this is us trying to make your life easier. Instead of coming in once a week in the hopes of finding something rare on the shelf, you will be able to instantly click the link provided and secure your purchase. Yes, this does open up all the available states we ship to for certain items, but it also allows for the in-store pick up option. No more rushing around, no more leaving work early, scrambling to get that limited find. Simply buy it thorough the online store and pick it up at your convenience.

So how will you know when items are available? Several options are available:

1) Subscribe to our blog at You will see and be notified about everything we post, including announcements of rare items. This will be most direct way to our online store through any posts.

2) “Like” us on Facebook at

3) Follow us on Twitter at

Each post on these formats will contain a link to our online store, but Facebook and Twitter will direct you to our blog page, and from there you can click to our online store.

Everyone now has the same chance to purchase these items. I will be happy to answer any questions you might have.”

-Jonathan Lane, General Manager.