Goose Island BCS Day, Friday, 11/24- PLEASE READ!!!

Here we are again, another year almost gone. And what a year it has been, for better or worse. We’re already looking forward to 2018 here at Lukas, but before we sabre open bottles of bubbly and fudging our way through Auld Lang Syne, there’s one big event we have to announce…Goose Island BCS Day!


This year’s festivities will mimic previous release days Lukas has done, so please make sure to read every bit of info we provide to insure you can procure this highly coveted offering:

  1. Tickets for the event will go on sale at 10:00 a.m., on Saturday, November 11th through our Eventbrite page. Follow the link provided here to the purchase page for tickets. This year, tickets will be $12 per person. This price covers the cost of your draft pour only. The bottles will be additional purchases. The link provided will take you to the ticket purchase page.
  2. Tickets will ONLY be available through No phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook inquiries, tweets, Snapchats, Instagrams, other social media platforms or in store registrations will be accepted.
  3. If you purchase a ticket, but for some reason cannot attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can hold your 3 bottle allotment of regular BCS. Unfortunately, we will not hold any variant for you nor guarantee that any draft will still be available. We will hold your bottles until Saturday, 12/2, when the store opens. At that time, your bottles will be released to the public.
  4. Each customer will be able to purchase 1 ticket when they go on sale. If you wish for your spouse or friend to attend with you, make sure they are logged on when tickets are released. When you purchase a ticket, that ticket belongs to you and you alone. When you check into the event, we will ask for your Eventbrite confirmation and photo I.D. If we find someone has sold their ticket, that person and the person attending will be disqualified from attending future releases. We also ask that if you are unable to attend, please refer to paragraph 3 regarding this issue. If you and someone you know plan on attending together, but one is not able to attend, we will not release that person’s allocation or draft to you.
  5. There will be two ticket options available for this year’s release: the Golden Ticket and the Silver Ticket. Each customer will be able to purchase only ONE of the tickets options. If we find that someone has registered for both, that person will be disqualified from attending the BCS event. There will be 55 Golden Tickets and 45 Silver Tickets.
  6. If you secure a Golden Ticket, you will receive: 3 bottle allocation regular BCS, a choice of variant and a draft pour of BCS. If you secure a Silver Ticket, you will receive: 3 bottle allocation, a choice of variant and a draft pour of another featured Goose Island draft option, non BCS. We will have Goose Island Cooper Project #3 Bourbon Barrel Aged Porter, Foedre Project #2 (wild ale brewed with apricots) and Noel.
  7. The BCS Day event will start at 5:30, and go until 7:30. Starting at 5:30, those in attendance will be able to select their choice of variant and draft option. The 3 bottle allotment of BCS will be at the front registers so that all bottles can be purchased together. If you choose to not purchase a variant, you may substitute a fourth bottle of regular BCS if it is still available. Once every ticket holder has received their variant and draft, those still in attendance can purchase pours of the Goose Island beers remaining on draft.
  8. This year, we will have a special “BCS Second Chance” event through our online store on Saturday, 12/2. Customers that were not able to attend the BCS release event will have a chance to purchase a limited number of bottles. We ask that no one who was able to attend the BCS event purchase these bottles. If we see someone’s name appear who attended the BCS event, their order will be cancelled. This release is intended for people who missed out on prior opportunities to find BCS. A full announcement on this release will happen after Thanksgiving.
  9. We will be happy to answer any and all questions you have about this event. Please don’t hesitate to reach out.