Mother’s Brewing from Springfield, MO is now available at Lukas! Here’s what we have in stock…

Lil’ Helper
American IPA

Go Midwest, young man. Proof positive from that you don’t have to hit the coasts for an assertive IPA. The big pine and citrus character of American hops stand proudly atop a solid malt backbone. Go running for its shelter.
PROFILE: strong aromas of citrus and pine, resinous yet malty mouthfeel, dry mineral bitterness that finishes crisp and accents hops.

Three Blind Mice
Brown Ale

Three dark ale traditions get a dose of Mother’s love. A dry finish and medium body doesn’t mean we skimp on robust, roasty malt character. This is an eminently drinkable brown ale for downtime or nights downtown.
PROFILE: rich chocolate malt, green leafy hops, dry finish with a faint malty sweetness.

Tow Head
Blonde Ale

Mother’s little blonde baby could have only been conceived in Springfield. A crisp and easy-drinking riff on the classic Kolsch ale that respects its German bloodline while holding its chin high as an American original.
PROFILE: fresh hay, spicy and fruity hops, dry mineral

American Pale Ale

Bored with the ordinary American pale ale? Sink your teeth into Uncanny, a pale ale with bite. Bold American and German hop flavor inspires bar-slapping monologues, creek-side strutting, and competition worthy barbecue. So crisp, so clean, so drinkable…it’s uncanny.
PROFILE: mandarin oranges, cannabis, grapefruit, full malty sweetness with a hoppy mineral finish

Winter Grind
Who needs subtlety when you have caffeine? Coffee in the nose, coffee in the flavor, coffee in the finish, all supported by an English dry stout. 1.5 lbs of roasted-to-order espresso beans from Mudhouse Coffee per barrel deliver a coffee stout for slaves to the bean and the barley.
PROFILE: rich roasted malt and coffee, intense coffee with a subtle black fruit, dry roasty finish with a persistent lingering coffee aftertaste

Trop Top
Tropical Pale Ale

This tropical Pale Ale is bursting with aromas of passionfruit, guava, and citrus. Heavily hopped with Citra and Mosaic late in the whirlpool and in the dry hop, this refreshing pale has a big fruity hop punch with a very restrained bitterness. The malt body is light with a mild sweetness to round out this juicy, tropical fruity pale.
PROFILE: Tropical fruity hops, light malt sweetness, refreshing dryness

Lime Gose
Sour Ale

Can you imagine a light, bright, sour river beer? We CAN! Welcome the new beer in our Backyard series, Lime Gose. We had the salt. We had the lime. We skipped the tequila. Instead, Mother’s reimagines the traditional German gose. Kettle souring with lactobacillus lays down tart acidity, enhanced with kaffir lime leaves, lime zest, and salt. It gets a final kick with fresh lime juice post fermentation. The finished beer is light, bright, and vigorously quenching.
PROFILE: bright lime citrus, fruity lactic acidity, kaffir lime leaf bouquet

West Coast IPA

Whether you’re pounding the pavement pub crawl style or holding court on the front porch, here’s an IPA that fits as well as your favorite cap. Dry and drinkable, Snapback IPA bursts from the bottle with a riot of resinous and citrusy hop aromas, with just enough malt character to deliver an assertively hop-forward tongue lashing. Wipe the tears of joy from your eyes and take another drink.
PROFILE: light and malty cracker, intense grapefruit and resin, dry mineral finish

Sunshine Chugsuckle
New England IPA

Don’t like IPAs? Prepare for Mother’s to change your mind. This New England style IPA shines a ray of pure sunshine on hop aroma and flavor, with minimal hop bitterness. Sunshine Chugsuckle features intense dank, resiny, and citrus aroma and flavor with a full, creamy mouthfeel. For all the over the top flavor, Chugsuckle possesses an unparalleled drinkability. Grab a glass. You can suckle if you want, but we bet you’re gonna chug.




We also received a small amount of Rum Barrel Aged Milf Imperial Stout!

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