Schlafly Paloma Gose
Meet the beer born of a union between a German-style beer and a Mexican-style cocktail – the Paloma Gose. The salty, coriander-tinted and perfectly sour character of the Gose provides the ideal framework in the addition of Paloma-inspired grapefruit and lime.
*limit one bottle per person*

Schlafly Gruit
An ale inspired by one of the world’s most ancient beer styles, Schlafly Gruit is brewed without hops, instead using herbs and botanicals to spice the beer. The brew is light, tart and refreshing.
*limit one bottle per person*

Schlafly Ibex: Sour Blonde Ale
Get to know a citrus sour through the lens of an American Blonde Ale. The Sour Blonde offers flavor that is both understated and unexpected. Low bitterness makes it easy to explore. And mixed-culture fermentations make it worth the journey. You’ll discover flavors that aren’t found in other beers. Fruity, tart and complex, it mingles well with any occasion. Or none at all.

Lagunitas Born Again Yesterday
Unfiltered pale ale.
*limit 4 bottles per person*

Bell’s Hopsoulution
A remarkably drinkable Double IPA that pays tribute to one of Mother Nature’s finest creations, as several hop varietals combine for massive aromas of tropical fruit, citrus and pine. A mild caramel malt character and dry finish provide balance. 8% abv.
*limit 6 bottles per person*