This issue of Gary’s Newsletter was originally sent out on February 11th, 2016:

Dear Lukas Customers,

I almost feel that I owe some people an apology. I am always using the phrase “grocery store wine.” I taught a class the other day and just realized how condescending this reference implies. There are many examples of people who get so immersed in their jobs they become a little distant from the norm. Matt H.,Matt P, Erin, Jon and myself have a passion for wine. It gets frustrating at times watching people we care about buying wines at a grocery store. I do not mean to say that all wines at a grocery store are bad and you’re a terrible person for buying your wine at these types of places. How stupid of me to imply this.

Some of us are just so passionate about wine, we get frustrated. It’s like watching someone making a chili dog. You watch a guy putting the dog on the bun, and top it off with chili. All this time you’re watching him, you’re thinking: “If he puts mustard and relish on that bun first, then the dog, chili and top it with cheese and onion, that chili dog would be so much better.”

That’s how we feel about folks buying wine at a grocery store.

There is nothing wrong with some of the wines at a grocery store. Our passion for this product that’s been around for 7000 years just got in the way. We just know there are soooo many options, more bang for your buck and new discoveries in the world of wine. Sometimes passions are misinterpreted. My only negatives about wines at grocery stores is the extremely limited selection. Very few of the wines are stored properly, vintages aren’t being rotated and in most cases, the wines are being cooked by U.V. rays. That’s it! No other negatives.

Why don’t you come in and say “Hi” to one of our wine staff. We will never pressure you. Never bait and switch you. We will never try to sell you something because we make a commission. We only want you to be happy.