*This email was originally sent on 6/15/2017:

Father’s Day: A day that is dedicated to celebrating and appreciating dads. In my case, it is a day to remember. My dad passed away seventeen years ago. I still honor him on Father’s Day. Unfortunately, there is an absence of dads in a lot of families across our nation. What is the void that is created in raising children without a dad? What is the purpose of a dad?

A daughter’s first love is her dad. She learns how a male is supposed to treat her through her dad. She learns about the love a man has for a woman. She watches her dad’s love for her mom. A daughter feels respect, kindness and love from her dad. This is so important. When she becomes a young woman she will know how to act around another male. She will have a clear understanding of how a man is supposed to treat her because of her dad.

A son’s first exposure to the world of manhood is learned from his dad. He observes the unique difference between a man and a woman through his dad. He learns about responsibility, manners and to always treat people with respect. My dad constantly taught me and my brother how to treat a lady by watching how he treated our mom. A son learns about hard work and naps. He observes his dad drinking alcohol responsibly. Most importantly,during his formative years, he spends years seeing what it’s like to be a man through his dad.

Dads never expect a gift on Father’s Day. They will never show it, but deep down inside dads like getting presents. There will always be a boy in a man. We love presents. Nothing says “I love you” like a 30 year Macallan. Dads deserve a present that they would never buy for themselves. Lukas Wine and Spirits has the rarest wines, spirits and beers in the world. Folks, this is the place for the perfect gift for dad.

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