4 roses

**UPDATE** Sold out for now. Keep an eye out for releases in the future.


TODAY ONLY, we are releasing 12 bottles of our highly limited Four Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength Bourbon that Shelby selected this past April in Kentucky.

The official description of this Bourbon is “OBSF,” which gives this Bourbon characteristics of mint, fruits, spice and a full bodied palate feel. It has a high rye mash bill and is 8 years, 6 months old.

As of RIGHT NOW, come find Shelby at the Lukas Bar and the first 12 people to ask will be able to purchase a bottle of this Bourbon. Shelby will also have a bottle open and selling pours for $8 per pour. We will update this post once all bottles have been sold.

Going forward, we will sporadically release more bottles of this Bourbon, so keep posted to this blog and our social media for impending releases. Please know that because this Bourbon is limited, it will not be on the shelf nor accessible if you ask one of the Lukas staff. It will ONLY be released through methods like this.

We also have a Four Roses 100 proof Lukas pick available in much greater quantity.