Off Color Brewing is now available!

Gose Style Beer

Most brewers spend a lot of time and effort keeping lactobacillus out of their breweries; it was the first thing we brought in (it still has to stay in the corner though). We blend together two different beers to make Troublesome. The first is a somewhat uninteresting wheat beer and the second is an overly acidic & funky beer fermented solely with lactobacillus. We blend the two beers together with coriander and salt at the tail end of fermentation to create a mild, lemony tartness and a fuller sensation of mouthfeel. And yes, it’s hard to make.

Availability: Year-round
ABV: 4.3%   |    IBU: 10
Hops: Northern Brewer
Malts: Pils, Wheat Malt, Flaked Wheat, Flaked Oats
Secret Ingredients: Coriander and Lactobacillus

Yuzu Fierce
Berliner Weisse with Yuzu Fruit

Our kettle soured, free rise fermented Berliner Weisse with Yuzu fruit. It’s ok to enjoy yuzu again!

Availability: Summer

ABV: 3.8% | IBU: 3ish?
Malts: Pils, Wheat, Flaked Wheat
Hops: A little
Secret Ingredients: Lactobacillus and Yuzu (duh!)

Apex Predator
Farmhouse Ale

When you brew as much as we do, sometimes we get tired of telling the yeast what to do. For Apex Predator Farmhouse Ale, we pitch the yeast cold, turn off the temperature control, and let the yeast do it’s thing. To our delight, it spat out the sweet scent of juicy fruit wafting from a frothy, white mane. Brewed only with grain and sugar unencumbered by the heat of the kiln, we create a hazy, golden body. Apex Predator gets its teeth from a generous Crystal dry-hopping that completes the dry finish with a fruity bite. Pounce on the opportunity to let it part your lips and you may find yourself at the top of the food chain.

Availability: Year-round
ABV: 6.5%   |    IBU: 35
Malts: Pils and Flaked Wheat
Hops: Crystal and Sterling
Secret Techniques: Free rise fermentation and prey selection