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Crane Trailsmith
William Ray’s blacksmith shop became a landmark in the lost township founded on the Santa Fe Trail. Just as a blacksmith forges metal, we forge new trails in brewing. Connecting old traditions to modern ones and beyond. Our classic farmhouse saison is crisp, refreshing, and perfect for whatever of life’s trails you are on.

Crane Raytown Common
Raytown Common is an American Ale inspired by the traditional California Common. It is an easy drinking, “beer flavored beer” with a low hop bitterness and a clean finish. Uncommonly delicious, this is truly a beer for everyone.

Crane Farmhouse IPA
An American farmhouse-style ale brewed with the IPA lover in mind. Big, bold, juicy hops join the dry, yeast driven saison flavor to create one of the most aromatic, undiluted hop experiences you can find.

Crane Oude Bruin
Oude Bruin (which translates to “Old Brown”) is also known as Flanders Brown and originates from the Flemish region of Belgium. This style of beer was generally kept as a so-called “provision beer”, to be stored, allowing the complex flavors to develop. Our Oude Bruin was aged for eighteen months in wine and bourbon barrels, is medium-bodied, and pours a deep copper color. It possesses a solid lactic acid sourness with strong notes of oak, subtle vanilla from the bourbon barrels and wine-like characteristics from the Amigoni wine barrels.

Off Color Tooth & Claw
John likes bees. John’s like of bees led him to hanging out with other people who like bees. Some of the other people who like bees work at The Field Museum. The Field Museum was opening a bistro and bar. John was opening a brewery. And that is pretty much the story of how Off Color and The Field Museum collaborated to make this crisp, clean pilsner with a dry-hopped bite far inferior to Sue’s.

Off Color Wari
The Field Museum and Off Color’s second collaboration based off an ancient corn based beer or chicha. Deep pink color from imported Peruvian purple corn with aromatics of mild pepper. Grainy funk and fruit acidity reminiscent of cranberry juice without the sweetness. The beer was inspired by remnants discovered at an over 1,000 year old brewery excavated in Cerro Baul, Peru by a team that included Dr. Ryan William from The Field Museum. They found a mill, ceramic boiling and fermenting vats and remnants of molle berries all around the brewery area. You can read more about it here. This ale is more of a hybrid of a chicha de molle (brewed primarily from S. molle berries) and a chicha morada (brewed primarilry with purple corn).

Off Color Wildlings
Native yeasts harvested from blueberry skins yield an aromatic cloudburst of summer blueberries, concord grapes and strawberry blossoms interlaced with supple oak and a delicate note of violets from the long rest in handmade foedres we pulled out of a winery in the northern Italy region of Piedmont where they held Barolo for 15 years.

Off Color House Lion
Funky farmhouse ale brewed for us indoor cats with cardboard box catsies and big dreams. A blend of our house Saison strain and Brettanomyces claussenii spits out tons of mango and pineapple esters dry hopped with a potent dose of Sterling and Grüngiest.

Off Color April Rain
Sudachi is a seldom seen Asian citrus fruit akin to yuzu but with a deeper, more complex character which mingles pleasantly with the mild tartness and floral notes from our wild house culture. Mid-pallet is reminiscent of lemon tart, preserved limes and meringue fading into the softness of white tea suitable for idle afternoons reading poetry underneath April’s soft, warming rains.