Starting this September at Lukas, the THIRD Saturday of every month will feature a large spirits tasting, each month with it’s own theme. For September, we chose “cocktails” as the theme of the month.

We will have 12+ tables during the event, with each table featuring it’s own cocktail. The goal of this event is to showcase different cocktail ideas that you can use at home or while entertaining.

Tickets are $5 and can be purchased HERE


Here’s the lineup:

-Knob Creek, Jim Beam
-Stolen Spirits Whiskey/Rum
-Big “O” Ginger Liqueur
-Spirits of St. Louis
-On The Rocks RTD Cocktails
-Smooth Ambler, Redbreast
-Still 630
-360 Vodkas
-Bacardi Rums
-Codigo Tequila
-Union Horse
-Mastermind Vodka
-Stumpy’s Spirits