Spirits Saturday is coming up Saturday, October 20 from 1-4 PM! We have over 15 vendors confirmed, this should be a great time.



As a special treat to all who attend Spirits Saturday on October 20, we will be having a bourbon lottery following the event at 4:15 PM. You must purchase tickets to the event to get your entry into the bottle lottery.


-Everyone who purchases a ticket will receive one entry into the lottery (one ticket & entry per person, you are allowed to buy multiple tickets but they must be registered to someone else for the drawing). If you have a guest that doesn’t show up, their ticket is not valid for the drawing. You must be in attendance to claim any bottles.

-Please arrive by at least 3:45 to assure you are checked in for the drawing if you don’t plan on attending the tasting event.

-You must purchase your ticket in advance online BEFORE the event starts (Saturday, October 20 at 1 PM) to be eligible for the bottle drawing. Don’t hesitate, these more than likely will sell out.

-This is a lottery for a chance to purchase these bottles. You must be at least 21 years old to participate or purchase tickets.

-All of the bottles will be out on a table, the first name drawn gets the first pick and so on.

Bottles available at the drawing

E.H. Taylor Four Grain 2018 ($84.99, 1 btl)
1792 Sweet Wheat ($42.99, 2 btls)
Michter’s Toasted Barrel ($57.99, 2 btls)
Col. E.H. Taylor Small Batch ($42.99, 6 btls)
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof #A118 ($69.99, 6 btls)
Blanton’s ($69.99, 3 btls)
Elmer T. Lee ($49.99, 4 btls)
Willett Pot Still 750mL ($54.99, 4 btls)
Willett Pot Still 1.75L ($109.99 1 btl)
Weller Special Reserve 750mL ($23.99, 4 btls)
Weller Special Reserve 1.75L ($42.99, 4 btls)
Sazerac Rye ($29.99, 3 btls)
Parker’s Heritage 2018 ($114.99, 1 btl)
Old Fitzgerald 9 Year Fall 2018 ($109.99, 1 btl)
Eagle Rare ($38.99, 6 btls)
Weller C.Y.P.B. ($59.99, 1 btl)
Weller 12 Year 1L ($44.99, 6 btls)

*more could be added at a later time