Don’t forget, this Saturday is Spirits/Cocktail Saturday. We will have about 22 tables full of spirits and cocktails. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased here. The event starts at 1:00 and goes until 4:00. This will be our last dedicated “cocktail” Saturday for the rest of the year.

Save the date: Saturday, December 8th from 1-4 p.m. will be a huge tasting event. Stay tuned for more details.

Every once in awhile a wine comes along that the entire staff falls in love with. Black Ink is a red blend that sells for $8.99. Their web page says: “A California red blend that follows its own rules.” I have no idea what that means. I do know that, for the price, this wine over delivers. Perfect for burgers, pizza, roasted chicken and vegetables. This wine is perfect for this holiday season to have around the house for unexpected guests that randomly stop by.

I know you guys do not want to hear this, but Christmas will soon be here with a vengeance. Every year, people seem to be waiting until the last minute to buy presents. I don’t think this is procrastination. We don’t think about buying presents now because we are all so busy that we simply do not have enough time.

This newsletter will be dedicated to give you Christmas present suggestions in Spirits. Next newsletter we will give you wine gift giving suggestions. The following list are spirit ideas that retail starting at $200. Our on hands of all these items are only one:


Camus Family Legacy- $1440.00

Camus Extra Elegance 750ml- $399.99

Camus Extra Elegance 1.75L- $999.99

Hennessey Paradis XO- $999.99

Couvoisier 21yr XO- $199.99

Courvoisier L’essence- $3100.00

Remy Martin Louis XIII- $3000.00



Zafra 30yr- $199.99



Codigo Extra Anejo- $269.99

Patron Guillermo Del Toro Edition- $399.99

Patron Gran Burdeous- $410.99



Johnnie Walker Odyssey- $799.99

Johnnie Walker King George- $599.99

Johnnie Walker Blue Label 1.75L- $499.99

Laphroaig 27yr- $729.99

Laphroaig 25yr- $479.99

Glenfiddich 26yr- $494.99

Macallan Reflections- $1200.00

Macallan Rare Cask- $279.99

Macallan 26yr- $1699.99

Macallan 25yr- $1699.99

Macallan 21yr- $459.99

Macallan 18yr- $249.99

Macallan 17yr Fine Oak- $249.99

Highland Park 30yr- $839.99

Highland Park 25yr- $549.99

Balvenie 30yr- $949.99

Balvenie 21yr- $219.99

Balvenie Mash Tun 1509- $399.99

Glencadam 21yr- $199.99

Dalmore 25yr- $1040.00

Dalmore 18yr- $219.99

Dalmore King Alexander III- $279.99

Craigellachie 23yr- $279.99

Glenmorangie Signet- $209.99

Chivas Regal 25yr- $294.99

Glenlivet 25yr- $354.99

Glenlivet 21yr- $219.99

Talisker 30yr- $679.99

Talisker 25yr- $499.99

Bruichladdich Black Art- $349.99

Duncan Taylor Miltonduff 31yr- $399.99

Highland Park Ice or Fire Edition- $299.99 per. 

Highland Park The Light- $304.99



CLIX Vodka- $299.99 (distilled 159 times!)



Nolet’s Reserve Imperial- $679.99



Grand Marnier Quintessence- $799.99

Grand Marnier Cuvee 1880- $369.99



Midleton Barry Crocket Legacy- $224.99

Midleton Very Rare- $199.99

Redbreast 21yr- $327.99

Teeling 25yr Irish Single Malt- $449.99



Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece- $199.99

Whistlepig Boss Hog Black Prince 2017- $499.99

Blood Oath Triolgy Pact #1,2,3- $699.99