January Whiskey Pop Ups…PLEASE READ!!!

Just a reminder that we are closed today and will re-open on Wednesday, 1/2/2019 at 9:00 a.m.

If you’re reading this post, it means you’ve survived the 2018 holiday season and can now get 2019 underway. Resolutions are made and bills have to paid, which means we all have to focus and get back to reality.

January is such a dreary month, that we’ve decided to spice it up a bit. While we ran out, or didn’t see, a lot of cool Whiskeys during the holidays, we are expecting some to come in stock during January. We’re talking some of the most coveted Whiskeys one could ask for:

  • Blanton’s.
  • Weller Special Reserve, Antique 107 and 12yr.
  • Eagle Rare.
  • Nikka From The Barrel.
  • Michter’s Toasted Barrel.
  • Willet Pot Still.
  • And more…

To possibly attain some of these bottles, you’ll have to pay attention to all facets of information at Lukas: Our blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the new Whiskey Newsletter AND Gary’s Newsletter. ALL of these mediums will be utilized through January.

Some of these items will have a lot of forewarning to them, others will be instant releases. Some will be able to be bought over our web store, some will be first come, first serve. You might even have to write a small essay about why you want a particular bottle. Quantities will always be given, and sometimes brands might be combined.

Stay tuned to see what happens.