Gary’s Newsletter, 1/17/19:
Lukas Wine & Spirits, for 18 years in St. Louis, has always been a teaching facility. This week’s newsletter will be an attempt to educate our customers about the unethical practice by other stores to blatantly mislead consumers with false point of sales. (P.O.S.)
P.O.S. is the information that describes a wine, spirit or beer so consumers can make an informed decision. Let me tell you how important the accuracy of this information is in some states. A major grocery store chain in another state was fined seven million dollars for blatantly misleading consumers with outdated P.O.S. It was determined that this was an ethics violation. Wine is the item with the most outdated P.O.S. in St. Louis. The most common deceptive practice when it comes to outdated P.O.S. is to put up a rating for a wine that is not the same vintage of what is being sold to you.
This is where it gets interesting. I can personally give you hundreds of examples as to why it is important that you, a consumer, pay attention to vintages on P.O.S. The vintage on the P.O.S. must match the vintage of the wine you buy. For example: The 2004 Pezzi King Cabernet at $18.99 was unbelievable in taste, structure and quality. When the 2005 Pezzi King hit the shelves it was so bad, that we at Lukas wouldn’t have sold it for $5. Stores would intentionally leave the P.O.S. for the 2004 up to entice customers to buy the inferior 2005. This is just one of thousands of examples.
Why would a store intentionally keep point of sale up that is not current? The answer is obvious: An attractive, well written point of sale will get consumers to buy more of their wine. They are counting on you, the consumer, to fall for this deceptive, unethical practice. Today, there is a chain store in St. Louis that has P.O.S. up on their wines from two vintages ago.
At Lukas Wine & Spirits, every P.O.S. is checked monthly to assure our customers that all P.O.S. is accurate and applicable to the wine they are purchasing. For the last 18 years, we have run our business with the utmost integrity and ethics. We are the “Home of the Experts” and want nothing more than to constantly earn your trust.
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Gary: Proud Owner
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