I wanted to send a heartfelt and deeply appreciative thanks to everyone that made our 19th birthday a great success:

My staff is phenomenal. Hands down a crew that I would proudly ride the lightning with. My fellow managers, my cashiers and yes, even Gary, all rise to the occasion to make sure that all of our events are first class and fun to attend. A lot goes on in preparing to host 450 people, and the staff at Lukas brought their “A” games. To my entire staff at LUkas, I extend my gratitude.

Without the help of our distributors, we could not have had all the fine samples that were poured and enjoyed. This year we had just over 50 tables of wines, spirits and beers to sample, and it seems based on all the customers I spoke to, there was something for everyone. To all of our distributor friends, I extend my gratitude.

Our food selection was the largest one for a birthday yet, and I was so pleased to hear how much customers enjoyed the variety of delicious food. Our customers enjoyed each and every food destination with a resonating thumbs up, and how one not appreciate pairing food with so many different libations. To Truck Norris, Thai Bistro, Blues Wood Fired Pizza and Jimmy Johns, I extend my gratitude.

Bax Illustration is the company that brought out the two caricaturists many of you were able to get pictures done with. For those that missed out, customers really enjoyed having their portraits drawn on a specially printed paper that will always remind them of what a fun day they had. I had one done for my family, and it currently resides on our fridge. To Bax Illustration, I extend my gratitude.

And to our customers, who each every year make this birthday a success and a worthwhile event to perform, I extend my gratitude. Without customers like you, there would be no Lukas. We have been through some good times and bad times, but through it all, you have stuck with us, and that has made all the difference.

We are already discussing some plans for when Lukas turns 20 next year, but our lips are sealed…