Today in the Lukas Bar, outgoing owner of Lukas Wine & Spirits Gary Bilder will be on hand from 1-4 p.m. reminiscing and reflecting on the last 19 years of Lukas glory.

Not everyone loves Gary, and we are well aware of this. (come on guys, it’s just Whiskey)  But for every person that has decided Gary is bad, there are 12 that like and respect him for everything he has done while as owner of Lukas. Through the years, many of you have gotten to know Gary. Some of you know him simply as the owner of Lukas, others have gotten to know him on a more personal level. Even if you have only heard the name “Gary,” that means his legacy will continue.

Change in inevitable, and for Gary to ride off into the sunset is something not everyone can attain in life. The managers and staff here at Lukas have learned so much from him that his ideals influence will be felt for years to come. While the big change will come in the form of a new owner, and some renovations, the faces you know will remain the same. And yes, we might even get a surprise Gary visit every so often.

So come on out and say hi to Gary. Come tell him what Lukas has meant to you over the years. We’ll be running some awesome bar specials to clear out what remaining inventory there is, so now you have a perfect excuse to come talk with Gary!