Garden Path The Old School The New
IPA co-fermented with native yeast in an open-top oak foudre

Garden Path The Wet Hopped Ship
foudre-fermented native yeast ale brewed with freshly picked cascade and comet hops

Garden Path The Easygoing Drink
foudre-fermented native yeast ale bottle-conditioned with honey

Strange Roots Blur Briar
sour ale fermented with blueberry juice and aged in french oak red wine casks

Strange Roots Grand Blu
wild ale fermented with peaches and p. roqueforti, the organism used in cave-aged blue cheese

Strange Roots Vermut
spontaneously fermented sour ale, barrel aged in french oak, then finished in vermouth casks

Grimm Full Frequency
mixed culture berliner weisse-style sour ale with rhubarb and apricots

Grimm Midnight Morning
imperial stout with coffee, pecans, vanilla, and maple syrup

Prairie No Way Frose
sour ale with lime zest, strawberry and pineapple puree, and juniper

Prairie Pink Guava Funk
sour ale with brettanomyces and pink guava

Jester King No Whalez Here
farmhouse wheat ale with coriander, lavender, and oranges

Jester King El Cedro
farmhouse ale hopped with piney, citrusy american hops, aged on spanish cedar spirals, and bottle conditioned with brettanomyces yeast

Jester King Mr. Mingo
farmhouse ale with hibiscus flower

Jester King Le Petit Prince
farmhouse table beer

Jester King Snorkel
farmhouse ale brewed with alderwood smoked sea salt and oyster mushrooms