Boulevard Smooth Fuzz
A mélange of Belgian-style ales fermented and aged in oak barrels and foeders for up to 36 months. Tart and Funky, this complex beer rested on whole apricots prior to bottling to infuse juicy stone fruit flavors which mingle with the mixed fermentation character provided by our house lactobacillus and brettanomyces cultures.

Boulevard Lickable Wallpaper
A tart, tangy ale aged on Washington boysenberries. Beginning as a mixed fermentation sour saison, this beer was fermented in Chardonnay casks for more than a year before luxuriating on fresh fruit for four months.

Dupont Brewer’s Bridge (collab with Allagash)
A collaboration between two of the world’s best breweries, Belgium’s Brasserie Dupont and America’s Allagash Brewing. We’re excited to bring you this rare beer, created using time-honored Belgian brewing techniques combined with American hops and craft brewing innovation, resulting in a unique beer that highlights the best of both breweries.

Off Color Sparkles Finds (some) Trouble
Curious kittens sometimes get themselves into trouble. What they find out is some things are best left alone. Likewise, curious brewers sometimes add flowers and junk to their beer to see what’ll happen. What they find out is those flowers will add a sweet note and stunning pink color to an otherwise tart and salty beer.

Off Color Koi
Fermented rice used in the production of our sakes adds a perfumed floral overlay of honeysuckle and jasmine to a crisp, subtly malty pilsner reminiscent of the imported lager beers typically served at your neighborhood sushi place

Mother’s Doozy
With Citra and Simcoe hop additions from mash to sparge water to kettle to whirlpool, we hop this beer at every conceivable stage of production. But we’re not done yet: the beer gets aged on Missouri white oak with even more hops. The result is a brazen bitterness and tropical fruit aroma that doesn’t quit until you do.