We will have a limited amount of 2018 regular BCS bottles available, which will go into the variant lottery. Each ticket attendee will receive four bottles of 2019 BCS as their allotment. There will be 2018 BCS draft available either. We apologize about these inconveniences.

To make up for these errors, we will have extra giveaways for attendees, administered like before with the variant lottery. Plus, we will have 2019 Cafe de Olla on draft as part of the unlimited pours (while supplies last) during the event.

Our annual BCS event is bigger than ever for 2019!

About this Event

Come join us for the annual release of the Grandfather of Bourbon barrel aged beers: Goose Island Bourbon County Stout! On Friday, 11/29, from 5:00-7:30 p.m, we will host what has become our biggest beer event of the year, and this year will make sure we send our bar out with a bang.

Due to the renovations happening at Lukas, we will be losing the Lukas Bar in January. While it is sad to see it go, the biggest loss will be the draft lines where we have some featured some really cool beers over the years. But if parting is such sweet sorrow, then let’s have some (figuratively speaking) sweet beers for the final tapping.

This year, we will have kegs available of 2019 BCS on draft. And because we don’t want to worry about it going bad or being wasted, the ticket price of admission will included unlimited pours of both, during the event, while supplies last! The tasting glass provided will be yours to keep.

Now for the full details:

Tickets for the event will go on sale at 11:00 a.m., on Sunday, November 17th through our Eventbrite page. This year, tickets will be $15 per person. This price covers the glass you will get to keep plus the pours of BCS. The bottles will be additional purchases.

Tickets will ONLY be available through Eventbrite.com. No phone calls, texts, emails, Facebook inquiries, tweets, Snapchats, Instagrams, other social media platforms or in store registrations will be accepted. Lukas is not responsible for any server or website issues that might be encountered when attempting to purchase a ticket.

If you purchase a ticket, but for some reason cannot attend, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can hold your 4 bottle allotment of regular BCS. (four 2019) Unfortunately, we will not hold any variant for you nor guarantee that any draft will still be available. We will hold your bottles until Saturday, 12/7, when the store opens. At that time, your bottles will be released to the public.

Each customer will be able to purchase 1 ticket when they go on sale. If you wish for your spouse or friend to attend with you, make sure they are logged on when tickets are released. When you purchase a ticket, that ticket belongs to you and you alone. When you check into the event, we will ask for your Eventbrite confirmation and photo I.D. If we find someone has sold their ticket, that person and the person attending will be disqualified from attending future releases. We also ask that if you are unable to attend, please refer to paragraph 3 regarding this issue. If you and someone you know plan on attending together, but one is not able to attend, we will not release that person’s allocation or draft to you.

Customers will be able to show up beginning at 5:00 to receive a pour of BCS. However, the actual lottery will not begin until 6:00. Variants that will be available this year: 2018 BCS, 2018 Wheatwine, 2018 Midnight Orange, Cafe De Olla, Mon Cheri, Wheatwine, Reserve and the ’17-’19 vertical . The lottery will consist of customer’s names being called one at a time via random draw.

The BCS event lottery will start at 6:00, and go until 7:30, or all bottles have been distributed. Starting at 6:00, those in attendance will be able to select their choice of variant via lottery. The 4 bottle allotment of BCS will be at the front registers so that all bottles can be purchased together.

We will have giveaways to distribute at random to customers during the variant lottery. Various variant bottles will have a sticker attached to the bottom of the bottle to signify a winner. Customers will not be allowed to check these bottles before or during the event and lottery. When your name is called, and you are able to select a variant, we ask that you only grab the bottle you are intending to purchase. If a customer selects a variant, checks the bottom, then returns said bottle to the table, that customer will not be allowed to select another variant. Once you have selected your variant, that will be your bottle to purchase.

We will be happy to answer any and all questions you have about this event. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jon with any inquiries.