Weller-Bourbon-2016-Packaging-Cover.jpgOn Saturday, November 30 we will be hosting a bottle lottery in the store, here’s how it will work.

1. Sign-ups will be on Eventbrite only, with a limit of one ticket per person. If anyone attempts to reserve more than one you will be disqualified from the drawing. You must be at least 21 years old to participate. There will be a cap of 250 unique entries.

2. When the day of the lottery comes, ticket holders will be allowed to check-in at the store starting at 12PM, and will end at 1:45 sharp. Every entry will require a person with an ID to check in. You will receive a wristband with a number on it, this is your lottery number.

3. We will do 3 separate lottery pulls at 2PM, 3PM and 4PM. A third of the total bottles will be released at each. You must be in attendance to claim your bottle. Remember, this is a lottery for a chance to purchase. Once your number has been called, it will be removed from the hopper.

4. When the lottery is commencing, please be prepared with your ID and wristband out so we can do this in a timely manner. Once you arrive to the table with the goods, you will have 30 seconds maximum to select your bottle. Only one person allowed at the table at a time, no bringing up your friend/significant other to help you chose. This is to avoid people bringing up their entire extended family to drastically increase their odds of winning.

Here’s whats being released (there will be additional bottles added more than likely)

Weller 12 Year 750ml (20 bottles, $49.99)

Weller Antique 107 750ml (6 bottles, $64.99)

Weller Special Reserve 1.75L (20 bottles, $48.99)

1792 Full Proof (12 bottles, $45.99)

Angel’s Envy Cask Strength 2019 (3 bottles, $199.99)

Stagg Jr. (6 bottles, $54.99)

Sazerac Rye (3 bottles, $29.99)

Old Forester 1910 (6 bottles, $65.99)

Parker’s Heritage 2019 Heavy Char Rye (2 bottles, $169.99)

Col. EH Taylor Small Batch (6 bottles, $44.99)

Michter’s Toasted Barrel Sour Mash ( 1 bottle, $64.99)

Follow this link to sign up