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More White Whiskeys in Stock

Midnight Moon White Whiskey / Fruit Aged Whiskey

Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon follows the Johnson family’s moonshine recipe. Every batch is handcrafted in very small batches, made from corn and born in a copper still. Midnight Moon is triple distilled to deliver an ultra-smooth, clean-tasting spirit that is often preferred over the world’s best vodkas.


Midnight Moon Apple Pie, Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry & Cranberry spirits each begin with the handcrafted, ultra-smooth Midnight Moon recipe. Real fruit and Midnight Moon are then placed in mason jars by hand (just like moonshiners have done for generations).

Apple Pie, Cherry, Strawberry, Blueberry & Cranberry age in the jar for several weeks, to ensure each bottle reaches the peak of all-natural fruit flavor before it leaves the distillery.

Catdaddy Carolina Moonshine

Catdaddy is a premium spirit made from American corn, handcrafted in small batches in a copper still and triple-distilled to be ultra-smooth.  Catdaddy has a secret recipe that tastes like nothing else. Its flavor is best described as a little sweet, with a little spice.



September Wine Picks

Here are the Wine Department’s picks for September:

September Wine Picks

Gary: Wente Riva Ranch Chardonnay– there really is nothing bad you can say about this wine. Its been a best seller for years at Lukas and is one of the best Chardonnays on our shelves. Completely balanced between oak and fruit, this wine should be drank all year long.

Tim: Oliver Hillaire “H” Vin de France Cores-Du-Rhone– Tim’s choice this month is a baby Cotes-Du-Rhone that surprisingly has some body and depth to it. Don’t let the screw cap scare you away, this wine is fruity and full with the quality to age for years. Get ready, he has already chosen its bigger brother for October’s wine pick.

Jon: Entwine Merlot– awhile back, the Food Network asked California wineries to send in wine samples to be tasted and then commissioned to become Entwine. Tasting the samples blindly, Wente Vineyards emerged the victor. Thus, Wente makes the juice for Entwine. This particular Merlot is medium-bodied and fruity with a hint of spice and cocoa. Read the back label, it gives you pairing suggestions.

Nebraska Melange A Trois

Check out this fun, new limited edition beer that came in today from Nebraska Brewing Company. Here’s the description from their website:

Our first beer in the Reserve Series, Melange A Trois begins with a wonderfully big Strong Belgian-Style Blonde Ale and moves into the extraordinary category through an additional 6 month French Oak Chardonnay Wine Barrel maturation. The essense of Chardonnay permeates while a subtle sweetness remains from the Ale itself. Oak tannins combine to create a fascinating mesh of dry, sweet, and wine-like character. One of our favorites!

97/100 on Rate Beer
A- on Beer Advocate

New Spirits at Lukas 8/17/2011




 Beefeater 24 Gin

For 24 hours the gin’s exotic botanicals, which include rare Japanese Sencha tea and aromatic Chinese Green tea, are gently steeped together. the flavor enriched spirit is then slowly distilled in traditional pot stills, to create a gin that is subtle, scented and sensuously smooth.


Dry Fly Distillery
(Spokan, WA)

Their award-winning portfolio is now available here at Lukas Wine & Spirits and it includes a single malt whiskey, vodka and gin.

Single Malt Whiskey: 100% Washington grown barley.
Vodka: 100% Eastern Washington winter wheat.
Gin: Juniper, dried Washington apples, mint and hops.











The Bitch (wine) is Back!

One of our more favorite wines, in terms of taste and label, has returned to our shelves after a very delayed absence:

The Bitch

Bitch Wine is back.  It is made using Grenache and while last time Bitch was made using Australian grapes, this time it is Spanish in origin.  However, the front and back labels remain the same.

Back Bitch

Bitch Wine makes a very funny gag gift, and the juice is actually pretty good.  Pop in a grab a bottle today.