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Dogfish Head/Epic Portamarillo

Dogfish Head and Epic Brewing’s collaboration, Portamarillo, has arrived! Here’s how they describe it:

“a collaboration, a Festive brew and the world’s first tree tomato beer. A sorta-Porter fermented with New Zealand-grown Tamarillos, which were smoked using wood chips from the sacred Pohutakawa tree (also known as the NZ Christmas tree).”

New Beer from Belgium, Spain and The Netherlands


De Dochter Van de Korenaar Finesse
De Dochter Van de Korenaar Courage
Brouwerij Brouwkot Netebuk Saison
Brouwerij Brouwkot Manten Belgian Pale


Cervesera del Montseny Negra Stout
Cervesera del Montseny Lupulus IPA
Cervesera del Montseny Malta Pale Ale


De Molen Heaven & Hell Imperial Stout
De Molen Storm & Averij Double IPA

Lukas and Buffalo Trace Bourbon


  Lukas Wine & Spirits and

Buffalo Trace Bourbon


  • Lukas was the very first retail wine & spirits store in the state of Missouri to ever carry this Award Winning Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. We believed in this brand when no one else did and have built it into our best-selling bourbon since 2005.


  • Since December of 2005, we have sold over 7,900 (750ml) bottles and are just now closing in on selling our 8,000th bottle. That does not even count our 1.75L bottles.


  • We have been hand-selecting our own barrels (two at a time) since 2008 with the help of our fantastic bourbon & whiskey connoisseur’s.


  • Lukas is on par to do a record 6 full barrels, just this year!


  • Much thanks to our loyal customers & the Buffalo Trace Distillery for making Lukas Wine & Spirits the #1 store for sales in Missouri, going on 6 years in a row now.


  • For those who are typically late to the party, we know imitation is the best form of flattery.



-Lukas Wine & Spirits


New Spirits Items 6/23/11

Double Cross Vodka

According to its producers, Double Cross is seven-times distilled and seven-times filtered and made using locally-grown winter wheat and mountain spring water sourced from 200-foot deep aquifers.

 In 2008, Double Cross won a gold medal for taste and a gold medal for package design at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Low Gap White Whiskey

Low Gap Whiskey is made by hand by Crispin Cain, who apprenticed with Hubert Germain-Robin, and has been distilling for 20 years. It is made from malted Bavarian wheat, fermented slowly, distilled using rigorous and painstaking craft methods, and brought to bottling proof with unfiltered rainwater.

Blackmaker Rootbeer Liqueur

Blackmaker Root Beer Liqueur is one of a growing collection of dessert and fanciful sweet flavor concepts from White Rock Distilleries. The root beer liqueur is a spiced and sweetened drink containing “a combination of wintergreen, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, anise and sweet birch creating a perfect authentic root beer flavor.”



Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrel

Four Roses is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best, bourbon distillery in America. Their new 2011 release of their limited edition single barrel offering is a big, bold and utterly delicious whiskey. Fans of Wild Turkey will especially enjoy the cinnamon and spice notes evident in this bourbon,  and this may be the best Four Roses Single Barrel offering yet. With only 3600 bottles being distributed in the United States, the biggest challenge for bourbon enthusiasts could be finding and purchasing a bottle before they are all gone.

Grab your bottle of this very limited Bourbon today!