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Kansas City Cider Hop, Flag, n Eagle

Just in time for the 4th!

Kansas City Cider Hop, Flag, n Eagle
This cider is REVOLUTIONARY! Finding the most patriotic hops in existence, we made a double-hopped cider that would make our founding fathers proud.
Liberty, Independence, and UK Challenger hops give this a fresh fruit and pine aroma, while sending a message to the world that hops, flags, and eagles are national treasures.
Dry, tart, double hopped, ‘Merica.

Domaine Sicera Cidre

Domaine Sicera ciders are now available.

Florentin Cidre de Normandie
Mariane Rose Cidre
Odette Poire de Normandie

Domaine Sicera is located at Eturqueraye, in the heart of Normandy, between the Seine Valley and the Risle Valley.

Beginning in the 19th century with Guillaume Caillouel and later his son Florentin, the family begin cultivating apples and producing both cider and Calvados. Seeking the perfect cider apple, they created a new variety of apple in 1886 that now carries their name: the Caillouel. It is marked by the beautiful red color of its pulp.

For 30 years, family cultivation and cider production under Hervé Caillouel saw continuation and growth. His grandson. Paul Caillouel, would created Domaine Sicera with the notion of sharing his family’s ciders (and apple variety) with a wider audience.

Apples come from the family orchards. Terroir plays a significant role in their ciders, with soils of clay and flint providing ideal growing conditions for the different varieties . With a cumulative 20 hectares of orchards, they cultivate 15 distinct apple varieties (listed below). Every cider consists of several varieties of apples, each having its importance: the bitter bring some structure, the bittersweets their aromas, the soft for the sweetness and finally the slightly acid structure the product and bring the freshness.

Steps are being taken to convert the orchard to certified organic agriculture.

Apple varieties : Caillouel, Fréquin rouge, Marie Menard, Noël des Champs, Binet Rouge, Judor, Petit jaune, Doux Veret de Carrouges, Saint Joseph, Douce Moen, Bedan, Douce Coet Ligne, Bisquet.

Locally Made Cider From Brick River

St. Louis’ own Brick River Cider is now available! These craft hard ciders are made from fresh Midwestern fruit – never concentrate.

Homestead – 4 pack 16 ounce cans
Unfiltered, cloudy & semi-sweet farmhouse style cider bursting with fruit – as close to the orchard as it gets.

Cornerstone – 4 pack 16 ounce cans
Classic semi-dry crystal clear effervescent cider with clear notes of fresh apple & hints of the earth from which it came.

Firehouse Rose – 750ml fliptop bottles
Our Cider Maker’s take on dry rose. Tart and complex, with Michigan Montmorency sour cherries and hibiscus tea blend.

Boulevard City Market Cider

Now in stock…

The city market represents a place where chefs and home cooks come together to show and taste the best flavors in the region. Our brewing team captured this spirit in City Market Cider, our first ever cider release. This local blend combines juice from Jonathan and Fuji apples sourced directly from Sibley Orchard & Cider Mill in Sibley, Missouri. City Market Cider is fermented with our house English ale yeast strain resulting in a crisp, dry cider with just a touch of sweetness contributed by juice held back for blending.

Pouring a slightly hazy golden, City Market Cider offers bright aromas of sweet/tart apples that are answered by bold, juicy flavors with Jonathan apples taking the spotlight with Fuji supporting with a soft acidity reminiscent of apple skin tartness. Featuring a slight blend back of fresh Fuji juice (2.8% of the total blend) to lend a balancing sweetness, City Market Cider’s finish lingers, alternating between sweet and tart apple character that begs for another sip.

Limited Edition Seattle Harvest Ciders


Descriptions from

PERRY (only 600 cases produced)
ABV: 6.9%
APPLES: Seckel, Starkrimson and Forelle pears
TASTING NOTES: Seckel, Starkrimson and Forelle pears combine to form a woodsy, acidic semi-sweet Perry with notes of brandy and candied pears.

GRAVENSTEIN ROSÉ (only 600 cases produced)
ABV: 6.9%
BRIX: 1.4
APPLES: Gravenstein
TASTING NOTES: For this full-bodied, aromatic and slightly tannic cider, we ferment fragrant and floral early-season Gravensteins, then age them in Petit Verdot barrels from our neighbor, Crucible Wines.

WASHINGTON HEIRLOOM (only 1600 cases produced)
ABV: 6.9%
BRIX: 1.2
APPLES: Newtown Pippin, Gravenstein, and Espopus Spitzenberg apples, in addition to ten varieties of French and English cider apples grown at the WSU Extension Campus
TASTING NOTES: Our Heirloom blend places acidity front and center, featuring Newtown Pippin, Gravenstein, and Espopus Spitzenberg apples, in addition to ten varieties of French and English cider apples grown at the WSU Extension Campus in Mount Vernon. Delicate, tart and perfectly nuanced, this unique cider begins with soft aromas of peach and black cherry. A mild dryness on the tongue carries with it notes of tangerine, cantaloupe, black cherry, sweet lime and tart green apple.