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Fresh Limited Releases from Maplewood and Toppling Goliath

Get them while you can! Online today. If anything’s left over, it’ll be put on the new items rack in the morning.

Maplewood Juice Pants
canned 5/20/19
click here to purchase *limit 2 4pks per person*

Toppling Goliath Scorpius Morchella
canned 5/17/19
click here to purchase *limit 3 4pks per person*

Toppling Goliath King Sue
canned 5/23/19
click here to purchase *limit 3 4pks per person*

Stone Enjoy by 04.20.19 IPA

The latest edition of Stone Enjoy By IPA has landed. Available in 6pks of 12oz cans.

Consistently delivered faster than any bottled or canned IPA on the planet, Stone Enjoy By IPA facilitated a paradigm shift in respect for and enjoyment of hoppy beers by ensuring craft beer fans the ultimate level of freshness. We brew this intense double IPA with more than 10 different hops, employing hop-bursting and dry-hopping techniques to amp up the peach and tropical fruit notes and overall hop factor. Brewed specifically NOT to last, this devastatingly fresh, golden beauty should be enjoyed within 37 days.

Firestone Walker Rosalie, Luponic Distortion 12, Mind Haze


The Rose Lover’s Beer

It all started with a little brewery born on a California vineyard, so you could say it was meant to be: a beer rosé named Rosalie…

Rosalie taps into our brewery’s family winemaking roots, using local wine grapes to create a delicious one-of-a-kind beer rosé with bright fruit flavors and luscious acidity.

Rosalie is co-fermented with Chardonnay and other wine grape varieties harvested just miles from the brewery. We also incorporate a dash of hibiscus flower to achieve a brilliant color.

The result is Rosalie—a uniquely refreshing beer that offers all the best qualities of a classic rose wine.

Luponic Distortion 12

The newest version of the rotating IPA series. This one uses hops that deliver hints of tangerine, strawberry gummy, and honeydew. Super fresh – canned January 31!

Mind Haze – back in stock!

From the coast of California comes Mind Haze, a free-spirited beer made to elevate your perceptions—juicy yet balanced, hazy yet lasting, and loaded with an imaginative array of tropical hop flavors.

In the words of Brewmaster Matt Brynildson, “Mind Haze offers the best of what you expect from a hazy IPA. But we’re going about it a little differently, and that’s what gives Mind Haze its own unique signature. We’re finally ready to do a hazy IPA the Firestone way.”