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January Whiskey Pop-Up: The Big Bagged Blanton’s Bonanza!

For the final day of the month, Thursday 1/31, we have one more Whiskey to go in what has been an already fun January for random Whiskey releases. We’ve saved our most requested Whiskey for last: Blanton’s.

We will have 14 bottles available at $69.99 each. But it won’t be as easy as come and get it. Here’s how we’ll play the “The Big Bagged Blanton’s Bonanza;”

  • Tickets to participate will be available through the link here and will be limited to the first 120 people. You may not purchase multiple tickets to go multiple times.
  • Beginning at 6:00 on Thursday, 1/31, customers will be able to come and receive a line ticket. That ticket number is the order in which you will get to step up and play. Customers that do not have a ticket will be able to grab a line ticket beginning at turn #121.
  • Back in the Lukas Bar, we will have tables set up with upside down bags. In each bag will either be one of the bottles of Blanton’s or another wine, spirit or beer. Unfortunately, the bar will not be open during this event.
  • Customers will each get two chances to remove a bag to reveal what is underneath. After removing the first bag, the customer will have the choice to purchase that item or put the bag back and select a second option. If the customer declines the second option, then their turn is over, and the next customer in line will make their selection. Customers will be able to return to the end of the line to take another turn, but they will need to get another line number.
  • This way will continue until all bottles of Blanton’s have been found. Remember: there will only be 14 bottles available.
  • Because we like to have fun, there might be a surprise bottle or two to discover.

We will not take early reservations for spots, nor will we allow customers to hold spots for friends or family. Customers may not squeeze the bags over the bottles to feel the bottle. Customers will not be allowed to pull the bag up partially, they must fully remove the bag to reveal what is underneath for all to see. Customers cannot use multiple tickets for themselves. (Ex. a customer may not use a friend or family member’s ticket if said person does not show up)

Good luck and thank you for a fun January of Whiskey!

January Whiskey Pop Up- Eagle Rare!


We’re close to winding down with the Whiskey pop ups, but as we’ve teased, we want to utilize all facets all our social media and communication. For Eagle Rare, our online store will be the place to go.

On Tuesday, 1/29, at 5:00 p.m, the link provided below will go live and 16 bottles will be available for purchase. Bottles will be limited to one bottle per person, and you will have an option for in-store pick up. Bottles are $39.99 each.

However, please note that bottles will not be available for pick up until Wednesday, 1/30 after 10:00 a.m.

We expect these bottles to sell fast, so be prepared to hit refresh.

Good luck!


Barrel Bourbon 15yr back in stock!


We will hopefully see more arrive tomorrow, so stay tuned.

We have several bottles of the Barrel Bourbon 15yr back in stock and available for purchase. For your convenience, we will provide a link for you to purchase a bottle through our online store.

We are hopeful to see more of this Bourbon, but based on initial popularity, it might not last long.

Click here to purchase. 





It’s Willett Wednesday here at Lukas Wine & Spirits! Our January Whiskey Pop-Up continues with arguably the most distinctive bottle in the world of Bourbon.

At 3:00 p.m, we will have 16 bottles of the 750ml size available for $54.99 each.

There will be no holds or reservations, this will be a first come, first serve release. One per person.

Choose Your Own Whiskey Flight at the Bar Today From 1-4 PM

This bar promotion was very successful last year so let’s start off 2019 with a bang.

This offer is good today (1/5/19) from 1-4 PM

Choose any 3 for $8 (3/4oz pours)

WhistlePig 10yr Rye (Lukas Single Barrel)
1792 Sweet Wheat*
1792 Single Barrel
Elijah Craig Small Batch
Col. EH Taylor Small Batch*
Woodford Reserve Double Oaked (Lukas Single Barrel)
Four Roses Single Barrel
Angel’s Envy
Sazerac Rye*
Eagle Rare*
Willett Pot Still*
Old Dominick Hulling Station

Choose any 3 for $15 (3/4oz pours)

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof*
Elijah Craig 18 Year*
Four Roses Single Barrel Cask Strength OBSF (Lukas Single Barrel)
Rhetoric 24 Year*
Kentucky Owl Rye Batch 2
Parker’s Heritage 2018 (orange curacao finish)*
Wild Turkey Master’s Keep (Sherry finish)*
Blood Oath Pact 4*
Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece*
*sorry, no bottles available for sale at this time.


Shelby Durham
Spirits Manager