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Weekend Tastings for November 6th!!!

Friday, November 5th 4pm til 7pm               Saturday, Novmener 6th 1pm til 4pm


                   Sean from MoBev                        Ryan from Classique (Tasting Room)


                Engin from Glazer’s                         Mr. Churchill from Duran Imports


                                                                                A.J. from Major Brands


                                                                    Glenfiddich & Balvenie Girls

Tastings for Halloween Weekend!!!

Friday, October 29th 4pm til 7pm            Saturday, October 30th 1pm til 4pm


            Frozen Ghost Vodka                Erin from Major Brands (Tasting Room)


                                                                             Molly from Gallo


                                                                           Dos Lunas Tequila


                                                                            Empire Craft Soda


                                                                        Frozen Ghost Vodka

A couple of great chardonnay deals!

Here at Lukas, we understand value. That’s why we search exhaustingly for great deals to pass on to you, the customer.

Yellow Tail Reserve ChardonnayA complex array of fragrant fruit aromas and attractive vanillin oak scents offer a great introduction to Yellow tail Reserve Chardonnay. The palate is fresh and vibrant with melon, peach and tropical fruit flavours balanced with fine citrus acid and oak, which add to the overall complexity.
2 for $10.00 or $5.99/ea

Ghost Pines Chardonnay- This chardonnay exhibits plenty of pineapple, nectarine, pear and peach characteristics; fresh, lively and crisp with a touch of oak.