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Lukas Liquor Superstore
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Just a half mile east of Clarkson on Manchester in the Ellisville Marketplace shopping center, next to the tile shop. (where best buy used to be)


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103 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Cheryl,

      Sorry to say but Presidente Beer is not available for us to order in Missouri. To our knowledge it is available in the Southern states, like Texas and Louisiana, but not here in Missouri.

  1. BobD says:

    I recently enjoyed an Oskar Blues stout, Ten Fidy, at a Rock Hill restaurant and wondered if you carry this Colorado brewery’s products.

    • Bob,

      We do stock all of the Oskar Blues products that are distributed into Missouri. Ten Fidy is there late fall into early spring seasonal, and while we might have a few cans left, we are now onto their Gubna Double IPA.

  2. Bruce M. Lehr says:

    Do you carry Long Trail Cranberry Gose, Best Damm Apple Ale, Islander IPA or Orange Ave
    Wit by Colorado Brewing, or 10 Barrel Cucumber Crush?

    • Hey Bruce, as of right now we do not carry any of these beers. I asked my distributor about these and he said we will get getting the 10 barrel cucumber crush and the Best damn apple ale eventually but as of right now we do not have any of these products.

  3. Bruce M. Lehr says:

    Do you carry Long Trail Cranbery Gos, Best Damm Apple Ale, Islander IPA or Orange Ave
    Wit by Colorado Brewing, or 10 Barrel Cucumber Crush?

    • Bruce, sorry for the late reply, it was a crazy weekend! Unfortunately, we do not carry any of the beer you mentioned, as they are not available in the state of Missouri. We do carry a couple of the “best damn” beers like the cola and rootbeer but we haven’t seen the apple ale yet. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us again.


  4. chris lance says:

    I see that there will be a Mangria bottle signing. Do you currently sell Mangria? The Mangria website currently doesn’t list any merchants in the STL area. Thank you

    • Jeff,

      Unfortunately, we do not sell our empty barrels to the public. Once we have no more for a barrel, we will donate it to charity seeking items for silent auctions. If you are looking for used barrels, I would watch for the local breweries having a “spring cleaning event.” Sometimes they will sell unusable barrels.

    • It’s not something we carry on a regular basis but it is something that I can bring in. It would be around $14.99 a bottle, let us know if you would like us to order some in for you!

  5. Mark says:

    I read the FAQ and understand that it may not be available to distribute in Missouri-but can you look into Belle Meade Bourbon? I’m not a bourbon connoisseur but I do enjoy this bourbon very much. It’s from Nashville/Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. It’s available online at a few online distributors but I’d rather buy local. I also just want to see what you think of it, if it’s available to you.

    • Mark,

      According to the Belle Meade website, they do not list any distributors for Missouri, which means that we have no means of ordering it. For us to even try it we would need a distributor to have already decided to carry the Bourbon and have it ready to ship.

      If it ever does become available, we would certainly look to carry it.

    • Unfortunately we are currently out of stock, we have been trying to order it for a few days but still haven’t received any. When we get it we will post it on all our social media outlets.

    • Tony,

      Sorry for the delayed response. Unfortunately, we do not have access to either of these Vodkas. If either of them do become available, we will certainly look to add them to our set.

    • Barb,

      Sorry to say but we have not stocked the Sam Adams Blackberry Wit since last June, which means that most likely it has been discontinued by either our local distributor or Sam Adams itself.
      We’d be happy to recommend another Blackberry beer if you are interested.

    • Barb,

      Unfortunately this particular Sam Adams release has not been seen since last summer (2014). Nothing arrived this year and local rep said that there’s a good chance that it has either been discontinued by the brewery or simply not available in our market anymore.

      -Lukas Beer Department

  6. Lucy says:

    What maple bourbons do you carry? My boyfriend was raving about American Born Moonshine he had in TN last week. Do you carry it? If not what brands of moonshine do you carry?

    • Lucy,

      Unfortunately we do not carry the American Born Maple you are looking for, however if it is available in Missouri it should be something we can special order for you. We do have 2-3 different flavors from American born besides the maple.

      List of Maple Bourbons:

      Crown Royal Maple
      Knob Creek Maple
      Bird Dog Maple
      Tap 357 Maple
      Jim Beam Maple
      Cabot Trail Maple
      Cabin Fever Maple

      List of Moonshines (most brands come in a variety of flavors):

      Bonnie Rose
      Ole Smokey
      American Born
      Georgia Moon
      Midnight Moon
      Missouri Moonshine
      Climax Moonshine
      George Dickel
      Semper Fi
      Ozark Distillery
      Popcorn Sutton
      Long Shot
      Jim Beam Ghost

      Thanks a lot! If you have any other questions or would like to look into ordering the Maple for you, please feel free to call the store or come in and visit!


      Lukas Wine & Spirits Superstore

  7. eric suedmeyer says:

    Two quick questions, any ideas on something original for a daughters 21st Birthday? Second do you carry or can you get Superior brewery beers or Southern blonde out of Arkansas

    • Eric,

      For your daughter’s 21st, we would suggest either a sampler of the 50ml liquor bottles for her try some various flavors and styles or when in doubt, there’s always a gift card. If you have any idea of something she might particularly like, feel free to pop by and we can help you select something.

      Sorry to say, but we do not carry any beers from Arkansas. None of our distributors bring any in for us to order.

    • C.H.,

      At moment, we do not expect to see Blanton’s until possibly the Fall. To our knowledge there is no available product in or around Missouri. When we do receive some, we will release it via our Friday Rare Release program.

    • The Sazerac 6yr is a Whiskey that comes and goes infrequently, so we have no real prior notice when it’s due to arrive. Your best bet would be to watch our website on Fridays as if we did receive any in, it would be part of our usual Friday rare releases.

      To our knowledge, the Mocambo 20yr is not available in our market.

    • Jim,

      After speaking with my contact, there are rumors going around about Yellow Spot and a few others possibly entering the U.S. market but nothing could 100% verified as fact. For now, Green Spot seems to be the only one available from the current portfolio. If/when Yellow spot or other variants become available in out Missouri market, Lukas will definitely carry it/them.

      -Lukas Spirits Department

  8. Emilie says:

    I’m interested in buying a bottle of good whiskey for a client who’s a real connoisseur, but I don’t know anything about whiskey. Do you have any bottles currently in stock that he would truly appreciate for $100-$200? I apologize in advance if that price range is laughable for high quality whiskey…again, not in my area of knowledge. Thanks!

    • Emilie,

      We offer a wide array of spectacular whisk(e)y’s here at Lukas Liquor for all price ranges and connoisseur’s. The only thing I’d really need to know is if this client likes American Bourbon Whiskey or Scottish Whisky. That would help narrow down the field. If/when you have a chance please either call the store or stop on by and ask for me to help walk you through the selection process and I’ll find that perfect gift for you. I constantly select whisk(e)y’s for boss’s, client’s, friends/family members etc., so have no worries.

      -Adam M England
      Lukas Spirits Manager

      • Emilie says:

        Thanks for your reply, Adam! I believe he likes American, since I know he has several bottles of Pappy’s. I will call ahead to make sure you’re there and then come by the store. Thanks again!

  9. Chris Gaglio says:

    I’m looking for a bottle of the Brandy Manhattan from Craft Distillers’ Fluid Dynamics barrel aged cocktails line. Their website says abommaritowines distributes it in MO. Do you guys stock this by chance?

  10. Shane Michel says:


    I’m looking for “Cock ‘n Bull” ginger beer. Any idea where I might find some if you don’t carry it?



    • Shane,

      Unfortunately none of my local vendors carry this particular ginger beer. We do carry however the Goslings, Fever Tree, Empire and Stoli brands of ginger beer.

      -Lukas Spirits Department

    • Rick,

      Recently Odell Brewing switched to w new distributor, so we are waiting on stock of all their products to arrive. If you would like us to find out the new cost for a keg of Myrcenary, please give us a call at 636-227-4543.

  11. Leo,

    Luckily we were able to secure the last 6 bottles of the Mettler Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage 2010 from our local supplier if you are interested in acquiring a few bottles.

    -Lukas Wine Department

  12. Nate,

    Unfortunately our local supplier is completely out of the Yamazaki whisky portfolio and are hoping for more stock to arrive over the summertime months.

    -Lukas Spirits Department

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