Meet the wine department!


Matt Hardin– Wine Manager

Jon Lane- Operations Manager/Wine Buyer

Matt Pruyn – Customer Assistance/Wine Buyer





113 thoughts on “Wine

    • Denny,

      We have one bottle left of the Overture, and that will be it until the next vintage release. If you would like us to hold it for you, please give us a call at 636-227-4543. Thanks!

    • Kristin,

      I apologize for the extreme lateness in reply. Unfortunately the Chateau Tour Paulliac is not available to order here in Missouri. We have plenty of other Bordeaux options, but not this particular one.

    • David,

      We haven’t carried Mateus for a couple years now. I just checked with our wholesaler and the only two products they carry are the Mateus White and Brut Rose (sparkling). Let’s us know if you would like us to special order some for you.



    • We can get the Malbec and Cab Ultra wines, just let us know which wines you are interested in and we can order it. We could have them here as early as tomorrow if you can let us know what wines you are looking for.


    • Shirley,

      We do regularly stock the Hahn Pinot Noir, as well their Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot. However, we do not offer any type of shipping outside of the Greater St. Louis area. If you know the next time you are passing through, don’t hesitate to give us a call to have some set aside.

    • Rico,

      Sorry to say, but we no longer carry Les Bourgeois Concord. We are still able to order it however we no longer have it on our shelves. If you would like us to order you a bottle or two please give us a call at 636-227-4543.

    • Kathy, unfortunately we do not carry Bethlehem Wines. I searched my inventory and we have no records of selling this brand in the past either. If you would like to inquire further, feel free to call the store at 636-227-4543 (ask for Matt the wine manager) or come in to the store and we can check to see if it’s available for special order.


    • Spike,

      I apologize for any type of delay. There is no excuse for us failing to respond to you. I know that we attempt to be as active as possible online as well as to our customers in the store. If there’s ever something you are in pressing need of, never hesitate to give us a call at 636-227-4543. As for the Carpazo, I will make sure my Wine Manager looks into it and gets you an answer.

    • Nancy,

      We do not carry any of their wines in stock but are able to special order some of their portfolio releases. If you are interested, please call or stop on by the store and we can try ordering for you.

      -Lukas Wine Department

  1. Kathryn says:

    Do you carry any wines from Maui? specifically Maui Blanc or Ulupalakua Red? has them available but hoping to not pay crazy shipping and purchase from Lucas….

    • Kathryn,

      Unfortunately this is not a particular region that we carry wines from here at Lukas Liquor Superstore. None of our various vendors carry them either. We carry a myriad of different wines if you are looking for an alternative recommendation.

      -Lukas Wine Department

    • Elizabeth,

      We could not find any of the Yarra Valley wines in our entire database and nothing regarding the Bystander Pinot Noir. When and where was the last time you tried or purchased anything from this particular winery?

      -Lukas Wine Department

    • James,
      We used to carry the Rocca Delle Macie wines here at Lukas but unfortunately the local vendor has gone out of business and the wines are no longer available to us. If any local vendor picks these wines back up in the future, we should be able to bring them back in, but until then, there is nothing we can do accept recommend other alternative wines.

      -Lukas Wine Department

    • Simon,

      We do not sell the wooden wine boxes. Nowadays it is few and far between to see wine shipped in the wooden wine crates, so we never have an excess on hand to actually just give out to customers. The ones we keep are used for displays throughout the store.

    • Jackie,

      We do regularly stock the entire line of Pinot Gris from King Estate, which includes Acrobat, King Estate itself and Domaine. The Firesteed is available but we would have to order it in. For current stock status of the King Estate line, please give us a call at 636-227-4543.

      • Tracy,

        Would you be able to provide a little more detailed information like; grape varietal, country/region, white/red? This would help assist us a little bit more in identifying this particular wine. We typed in the provided name and nothing came up unfortunately.

        -Lukas Wine Department

      • Tracy Nichols says:

        Good Evening

        It is Mionetto IL Ugo, elderflower sparkling wine.

        I purchases 4 bottles about 3 weeks ago from you and at the time you had a case on hand. The cost was 14.99. Was not sure if you had anymore.

        The bottle is white with a green butterfly on it.

        Sent from Windows Mail

  2. Jeff,

    We do carry the Columbia Valley Chateau Sainte Michelle Gewurztraminer and we do not do case prices as we offer a 10% discount if 6 or more bottles are purchased during a transaction. The rough price for a bottle is between $9-$10.

    -Lukas Wine Department

  3. Tonya,

    We do not carry this particular ice wine but according to our vendor we can order it at any time and it would sell for between $19-$21 for a 375ML bottle. If you are interested, please call and let us know.

    -Lukas Wine Department

  4. Jennifer,

    We could not find the Torres di Luna Pinot Grigio in our system or through our local suppliers that we deal with. If you are looking for a great alternative jut let us know.

    -Lukas Wine Department

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